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    For many years, Patricia Noguera suffered from contact dermatitis due to the chemicals present in many of the industrial products that we use in our homes.

    As a result of the discomforts caused by the disease, this Costa Rican woman created a recipe to produce soaps that could be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, without damaging people’s skin.

    Thus she created and marketed several products under the brand name “Esencia de Luna”. Their forte is that they can be used without exacerbating the annoying problems caused by contact dermatitis.

    Patricia’s products have attracted many customers. Why? the soaps are packed in coconut shell and are 100% organic. “I knew that there were many people who suffered, like me, from this disease; that’s why l felt l had to propose a solution. I created soaps with natural elements that are excellent for cleaning and are also antibacterial”.

    Connection With Nature

    Since she was a little girl, Patricia realized that she had a deep connection with nature, which she developed until her adulthood. Today this bond is the passion that motivates her entrepreneurship.

    Her family roots accentuated this affinity. Her grandmother, who was from an indigenous tribe, awoke in her – from a very young age – the attraction to the ecosystems around her and it was she who taught her the formula to sterilize the coconuts.

    This is how the coconut shells came to be the perfect packaging for her soaps and one of the things that today characterize this woman’s business in a unique way.

    “I collect the coquitos (little coconuts) and then sterilize them with a formula that my grandmother taught me. She was a native Costa Rican and knew many secrets about how to treat nature”.

    In the same way, some of the materials she uses come from local producers and many of them are sown by Patricia herself, in order to make the products 100% environmentally friendly.

    Inspired by the sea

    Each “Coco of Love” as the entrepreneur calls the soaps, is inspired by the movement of the sea and the beauty of its waves.

    Precisely, the protection of the waters is one of the objectives of these soaps, as they are free of harmful chemicals and other materials that could endanger the aquifer ecosystem.

    “The metaphor that I apply in my life is that everything flows with water. I try to emulate the waves of the sea in each “coquito” and it is both a handicraft and an inspirational work, as l do it inspired by what I remember from my vistas ”, she says.

    Each product has a different and unique color that comes from vegetable and natural colorants such as fruit or vegetable peels. And they all have unique aromas that go hand in hand with the ingredients used in their creation such as lavender, citronella, ginger, mint and many more.

    These organic soaps create an invigorating experience and promise to change the lifestyles of the people who use them. They can be acquired through Productos Esencia de Luna’ s social networks.

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