“Unfair to women”. said President Laura Chinchilla on the latest data released by CID Gallup poll, indicating that 72% of women and 71% of men consider that the odds are low that a woman will be president again of the Republic, at least in the next 8 years.

Laura Chinchilla insisted she did not understand why that reaction, if in the past the men who have wronged them not have passed the bill.

“How unfair! When in the past we had presidents who committed serious acts of corruption … something that has not happened by this president … When we had leaders who led the country to economic and social abyss, something that has not happened by this president” said Chinchilla.

Although the reaction of the President, when asked citizens to response was blunt, that after the current government as Chinchilla, Costa Ricans have clear doubts this position again trust a woman.

When Laura Chinchilla was elected, the expectation was that gender did not create doubts, because men and women are equal. However, in group conversations, gender is associated to the quality of practice of President Chinchilla, of which 65% think has been bad.

Of all respondents, 43% said that women have no chance of becoming President of the Republic (72% female and 71% male), 7% think we have much chance, 14% and some 32% think very little.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica