China and Latin America Summit Closes with Increased Opportunities for Business and Investment

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The China Business Summit VII with Latin America and the Caribbean, which featured a business conference and investment forums, concluded in Costa Rica with the participation of hundreds of representatives of international companies.

    About 1,500 private business meetings were held between entrepreneurs from Latin America, the Caribbean and China, in sectors ranging from manufacturing and textiles, to food, electronics and construction machinery said the Ministry of Costa Rican Foreign Trade.

    The objective of this business conference, officials said, is to promote a greater understanding between Chinese and Latin American business and thus achieve a better approach to sales of products and services that will increase trade.

    Trade between Latin America and China in the last 12 years went from $12 million in 2000 to $250 million in 2012, according to data released at the summit.

    This event aimed to analyze the application of best practices to accelerate business opportunities and economic development between the Asian giant and Latin America.

    “Latin America has benefited greatly from the rapid development of China. Yet there is a long way to go and the establishment of a strong partnership will be a great opportunity and a great challenge,” said CEO of Trade Promoter Exterior of Costa Rica, Jorge Sequeira.

    Moreover, about 100 Chinese businessmen participated in an investment forum organized by the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (CINDE), the CCPIT and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and in which government representatives presented information on Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica is the only Central American country that has diplomatic relations with China, which were established in 2007.

    “We see in China, a promising future, a great partner, with whom we come in recent years we build a strong business relationship,” said Minister González.

    The Business Summit, which this year was attended by over 800 entrepreneurs from 20 countries, is held every year alternately in a Latin American or Caribbean country, and a Chinese city. (EFE)

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