Central America Celebrates 192 years of Independence

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    Honduras Celebrates IndependenceThe Costa Rica New (TCRN) – Citizens of Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua participated in various events on Sunday and Monday to mark their independence from Spain in 1821, when they formed the Captaincy General of Guatemala.

    In Honduras, President Porfirio Lobo led the traditional official parade, while in another part of the capital, followers of former President Manuel Zelaya took part in a protest march and Refundación Freedom Party promoting the presidential candidacy of Xiomara Castro, wife of Zelaya.

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    In El Salvador, a day of parades and popular events concluded in a stadium in the capital, where President Mauricio Funes participated in a rally in which thousands of people.

    Nicaragua held also the 157th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, in which Nicaraguan troops defeated the American mercenary William Walker, who sought to establish a colony in Central America.

    In Guatemala, President Otto Perez Molina, said during a brief speech that opened grand civic parade for independence, that Guatemalans deserve hold it now “are free.”

    And in Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla said in his speech for the occasion peaceful democratic tradition of his country.

    “Salute to (our) country at the time with fervor, faith and hope. Let it spread with such fervor, knowing that we are heirs to a unique heritage of democracy, peace, freedom, human development and love of nature. A legacy that not many countries the planet can boast, “said Chinchilla.

    After independence in 1821, the territories of the former captain became the United Provinces of Central America, but in the nineteenth century, after several political and military conflicts, all failed integration attempts, which were established as independent countries.

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