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    The Jupiter Symphony

    Featured Columnist – Meditations Martin LeFevre On clear nights (in northern California there are few clouds for two-thirds of the year) I go into the backyard before bed to gaze up at the stars. Through binoculars for the past two weeks I’ve...

    Tropical storms continue to saturate Costa Rica

    TCRN Staff: The chain of tropical storms continued to saturate Costa Rica collapsing highways, overflowing rivers and flooding towns. Hundreds of people are in shelters, many lost their homes and the Central Valley is almost cut off from the rest...

    Special Report – A Highway Through the Serengeti!

    Featured Columnist – Meditations Martin LeFevre The word Serengeti is synonymous with Africa. The Serengeti’s spectacular panoply of predator and prey still echoes through the mists of history on the continent of humankind’s birth. Now, the Tanzanian government has approved a...

    Costa Rica to boast World’s Largest Penthouse

    TCRN Staff: 68,459 square feet, of prime beachfront real estate in Costa Rica can be yours for only $50,000,000 (yes that’s $50 million, that's seven (7) zero's). More than 10 times the average USA mansion, the developers call it the...

    Costa Rican Company is selected in Top 25 Energy Entrepreneurs

    UBA is a biofuel development and advisory organization based in Costa Rica. While it has numerous biofuel initiatives in outreach and planning, commercialization and deployment, and research and development, these initiatives are part of the Million Gallon Challenge, a goal to produce 1 million gallons of green diesel per day.

    The Crisis of Consciousness

    Featured Columnist – Meditations Martin LeFevre There’s a lot of talk these days about a “revolution in consciousness.” The vast portion of it is just that—talk. It simply isn’t true to say “we’re in the middle of a revolution in consciousness.” But...

    What Is God?

    Featured Columnist – Meditations Martin LeFevre Stephen Hawking recently said that we should avoid contact with extraterrestrials, because they “might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet.” Now he says “science makes God unnecessary.” Hawking...

    $2.8 million to supply Costa Rica’s Immigration Authority with Foreign Resident Cards

    TCRN Staff $2.8 million to supply Costa Rica's Immigration Authority with Foreign Resident Cards The credentials feature optical security media, the same technology at the heart of the U.S. "Green Card." Delivery of cards is expected to be completed by the...

    Costa Rica Independence – 189th Anniversary

    TCRN Staff Costa Rica is 189 years old, and she looks great!!! How far has she come in 189 years? What makes Costa Rica the “The Jewel of Central America”? Interestingly enough… Costa Rica was the first Central American country...

    Court Rules Against Random Stop and Searches

    A preliminary ruling last week by the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica's Supreme Court (Sala IV) that police cannot stop and search citizens without “a solid indication that the person has committed a crime” has caused strong opposition. Public Security...
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    Do Not Let Severe Asthma Paralyze Your Life

    People with asthma should not limit their physical activity and daily life. Having a proper treatment, they can even run a marathon.
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