Thousands of Students March and Chinchilla Praised Them as “civilian army” Independence Day Costa Rica

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    San Jose – Thousands of students took September 15th, to parade through the streets of Costa Rica to commemorate the 191 years of the independence of Central America from the Spanish crown, while President Laura Chinchilla praised them as “civilian army” of the country.

    With bands, flags, dressed in school uniform and white, blue and red flag of Costa Rican students staged the traditional parades September 15 nationwide.

    In the capital, San Jose, the parade was preceded by a civic event in which he participated President Chinchilla and his cabinet, the mayor, Johnny Araya, and members of the diplomatic corps in the country and representatives of all branches of government.

    Chinchilla said in his speech that in other countries the heads of State and Government honored with their presence and activities where military troops are involved, while in Costa Rica, which abolished its army in 1948, things are different.

    “In Costa Rica’s presidents have to be where those parading truly are the first line of defense of our territory, that civilian army of students and teachers,” said the president.

    Chinchilla today described the celebrations as “a beautiful tribute to the legacy of peace, democracy and development” in his country and called on the population to seek a “peaceful coexistence” to promote peace and security in communities.

    “Living a true independence means working for a Costa Rica justice and solidarity, where communities live in safe environments and that people find housing, nutrition, health, study and work in dignity,” he said.

    Chinchilla emphasized in his speech that the “financial and tax problems” the country have not prevented social investment remains a priority for his government, especially education.

    He noted that last year’s investment in education reached 7% of gross domestic product (GDP), the highest amount in history, and that after two and a half years of government economic indicators remain growing.

    According Chinchilla, is being fulfilled one of its priorities such as better security, but acknowledged that it is not enough.

    “We started to see positive trends in security. Crimes that cause more alarm the people have begun to contain or reduce” he said.


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