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    After eight years of closure, the Turrialba Volcano National Park will reopen its doors on December 4th

    After eight years of closure, the Turrialba Volcano National Park will reopen its doors on December 4th. Its suspension was due to an increase in volcanic activity that endangered the safety of visitors.This opening will have a positive impact...

    Costa Rica is named as the Best Accessible Destination 2021

    The publisher of travel guides around the world, Lonely Planet, awarded Costa Rica the award for the best accessible destination 2021 because to enjoy tourist destinations in the country, disabilities are not an impediment.For example, there are canopy options...

    The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica Is Now

    When, we think of the year 2020; We see it as an atypical, difficult and complicated year where many plans and projects were postponed due to the current pandemic generated by Covid-19

    Tourism is reborn in Costa Rica

    The year 2020, also known as the twentieth year of the third millennium, is the year in which humanity is living. Which has been marked by a strong pandemic of a new disease baptized as Coronavirus or Covid-19

    Costa Rica Health Safety Protocols, So International Visitors can Come with Complete Peace of Mind

    Traveling in times of Coronavirus is not easy, even less if we are talking about long overseas trips, being clear about the situation of our destination country and the conditions for traveling to it, is essential. In the case...

    Learn How to Obtain a CCSS Disability Permit for COVID-19 Sanitary Order of Quarantine

    Knowing how to obtain a disability permit for quarantine health order due to COVID-19 in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), continues to be a question for salaried people and also for independent workers.ProcedureTo receive a subsidy during...

    Everything you need to know about Traveling to Costa Rica in These Times of COVID-19

    As of August 1st, Costa Rica has begun to receive international flights through its three international airports. These are the Juan Santamaría International Airport; Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport and Tobías Bolaños Airport.Without a doubt, the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed...

    What is a Digital Signature and How is it Used in Costa Rica?

    A digital signature is a mathematical program that serves to demonstrate the authenticity of a digital message or an electronic document

    How to Appeal a Traffic Fine in Costa Rica

    Among the rights that every driver has, is the right to appeal a traffic fine, if he considers that he did not commit a violation, or that the law was not applied incorrectly

    Open Concept, Style and Perfect Location

    Selected as a Feature San Ramon Property for its elegant style and perfect location
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    Availability of Water, Human Talent and Infrastructure are Great Challenges for Growth in Guanacaste

    Hand in hand with tourism, the growth of Guanacaste in the last ten years has been undeniable, according to...
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