Spirituality, Happiness and a Healthy Life Make Up the Secret of Longevity

    The secret to the longevity of the inhabitants of the so-called "blue zones" lies in a combination of spiritual factors, and coexistence with a healthy and happy life, a three-day forum held in Costa Rica concluded. The Nicoya Peninsula, province...

    Spirituality and Its Importance in Personal Development

    “Spirituality is being awake. Get rid of illusions. Spirituality is never being at the mercy of any event, thing or person. Spirituality is having found the diamond mine within you”

    Cannabis and Spirituality: The Exercise of Smoking Marijuana

    Cannabis and spirituality are two words that can and do go together. Cannabis is a plant that can take you down uncharted paths

    Althea Thompson: “Yoga and Meditation Have Helped Me Get Through Tough Times”

    A healthy life requires daily effort, discipline, acceptance and a lot of love, all of this is reminded by a specialist full of good and great energies...

    Mindfulness: Freeing Our Thoughts and Emotions

    The word Mindfulness has been translated from Latin as "Full Attention". This ancient practice that has come down to us in the XXI century, helps us connect with our essence and frees us from the thoughts and emotions that...

    Listen First, Then Communicate

    Plutarch, Greek historian, biographer and essayist, once said: "Only he who listens speaks well", and he couldn't be more right. It turns out that the previous premise does not only apply to people. It is also applicable in business....

    What True Friendship Is and Why It Does Not Tolerate Bad Deeds

    True friendship is a virtue that is related to love; one loves one who is appreciated in a reciprocal relationship. When we need advice, support, we turn to those who seem to us to live and know the virtues, to...

    Spirituality and Your Health

    In all cultures and religions, people take care of their spiritual well-being in countless ways. In the most basic sense, spirituality is about connecting with what's important to you in a way that uplifts or enriches your spirit. While there...

    Why Having Romances at Work Is Often Unavoidable

    There is no doubt that it is less attractive to send a colleague a winking emoji through messages than to exchange a coy look over the coffee machine. Those fleeting interactions that once ignited office romances became impossible during...

    Our Mind Thinks… It Is the Reason for Its Existence

    The problem arises when you think too much, when you get caught up in worries, when you create loops of a specific thought or when you anticipate a future that no one can know what it will be like....
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