Mindfulness: The Path to Your Optimal Well-Being

    Through mindfulness exercises, in which we consciously return to our present experience over and over again

    Living Well “Spiritually” is the Key to Keeping Our Health Stable

    Harvard says so and many of those who live well spiritually can ensure that health improves and people can be their best version... Stay tuned for this New Year 2023

    Spirituality Is Present in Everyday Life

    Simple, everyday activities can connect us with our inner world in ways very similar to how spiritual practices such as meditation, ritual dance, or prayer do for believers.

    Spirituality As Strength

    We understand By spirituality, is the set of beliefs and practices based on the absolute conviction Psychologically, these that there is a non-material dimension of life.

    5 Ideas to Cultivate the Spirit of Children at Christmas

    We want our children to live that, and relive it ourselves, by recreating it for them.

    The Mystery of Ayahuasca: What is in its Spiritual Journey?

    Ayahuasca, also known as Yagé or Nishi Cobin, is a hallucinogenic plant that is used to create the drink used by Amazonian indigenous peoples. The belief is that by drinking it, spiritual consciousness can be raised by the visions...

    Adela Pastor, Spiritual Mentor: “What Makes People Unhappy Is Their Own Mind”

    “A spiritual mentor is a person who guides and accompanies others to look within and find their own essence, truth and fundamental nature

    Spirituality Beyond Fashion

    Religion regresses while spirituality grows. This is a phenomenon that the social sciences had not anticipated and that the surveys reflect

    Science Proves That Psilocybin Transformative Power Minimizes Suffering and Allows a Lasting Sense of Peace

    Trials of psilocybin in healthy volunteers showed that drug-induced mystical experiences changed people leading them to heightened altruism and forgiveness, more closeness with others, and a sense of connection

    8 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Today

    Yoga improves your flexibility, increases your muscle strength, tones your body and improves your posture, all this by combining exercise
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    Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in Latin America for 2023

    Global happiness has not been affected in the three years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Life assessments from 2020 to 2022 have been "remarkably resilient,"
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