Spirituality and Stress Relief: Make the Connection

    Spirituality has many definitions, but basically it helps to give context to your life. It is not necessarily related to a specific belief

    Discover the Most Famous “Hand” in Costa Rica

    Our meeting today is with the most famous “hand” in Costa Rica. Perhaps you have seen it on digital platforms

    Alcohol: The Spiritual Consequences of Its Consumption

    Alcohol is mass produced and ingested by millions of people around the world. But little is known about the spiritual

    Wellness Holidays in Costa Rica, the Key to Relaxation

    If you are looking for what to do in Costa Rica, discover a place with activities that offer you a wellness vacation

    Three Ways to Produce Spiritual Fruit

    The biblical story of creation tells us that God created mankind from the elements of the Earth,

    How to Meditate On the Beach to Detoxify Your Mind

    This weekend surely many of us go to the nearest beach to enjoy the sea. I suggest you spend a few minutes meditating, taking advantage of this environment. It will help you abstract yourself for a moment from the hubbub...

    Spirituality and Defense of the Earth

    There is a certain agreement that four dimensions are combined in every human being: the mental, the emotional, the bodily, and the spiritual

    6 Paths That Lead You To Your Spirituality

    We can all connect with our most spiritual part, you too. Just find the practice that best suits your way of being. Here are some ideas: 1. Make a space in your life for spirituality To connect you need to spend...

    Reasons Why Going to the Beach Makes You Happier

    When you go on vacation and seek to escape from the routine and hustle and bustle that the city brings with it, you always think of a landscape that makes you think about other things and completely relaxes. Many...

    Ayahuasca Tourists Redirect Their Faith From Spirits To Molecules

    Fixation on the tradition has to do with the fact that "the traditional" is associated with "the legitimate". However, the word "tradition" is a trap. The “Ayahuasquero curanderismo” that is practiced in the Ucayali, in the Marañón, in Iquitos,...
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    Threatened With Receiving a Yellow Card, Teams at the World Cup in Qatar Give Up On Wearing Rainbow Bracelets

    The captains of several European teams will finally not wear "OneLove" bracelets in the World Cup in Qatar due
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