Costa Rica Begins 2023 with the Challenge of Integrating More Women in Technical Careers

    Stopping the long stagnation of female professionals in areas related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is one of the challenges facing the country for 2023

    16 Costa Rican Girls of the “Ella Es Astronauta” Program Returned from NASA

    The NASA Space Center in Houston, 16 Costa Rican girls who were part of the She Is Astronaut program of the “Ella es” Foundation returned to the country.

    Scientists Successfully Completed the Second Space Mission with a‘Costa Rican Seal’

    In the first stage of the launch, the effects of micro-gravity were tested for a few minutes.

    Truth about Web Conferencing Software for Business – 8 Myths You Should Know

    Businesses today rely on web conferencing software to connect with customers and employees from all over the world.

    Elon Musk Promises to Implant His First Brain Chip in Humans within 6 Months

    Elon Musk has made a promise with his company Neuralink: he wants to implant his first brain chip in humans in 6 months.

    Do You Have an Electric Car? Charging it at Home is Cheaper

    In the upcoming days, fast chargers for electric cars will charge ₡150 per minute of charging, as a fixed rate. In order to save money

    The New Paradigm Between Cyber Security and Green Technology

    The climate transformation urges industrial energy companies all over the world to invent new technologies and implement them at record speed.

    18 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields

    It is clear that when it comes to the use of wireless headphones the use of the precautionary principle is justified. Do not become

    8 Youth Teams Represent Costa Rica at the Robotics Olympiad in Germany

    Children and young people from various parts of Costa Rica managed to win a place in the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO)

    Costa Rica Experiences a Shortage of Technology Professionals

    Vacancies in technology continue to rise, while the number of professionals specialized in technology, are not enough to fill them.
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