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    MICITT Seeks to Protect Costa Ricans from Cyber Attacks with the 5G Network

     Protecting the information of citizens, businesses, public institutions and the country in general from constant cyber attacks is the purpose sought by the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) with the “Regulation on Cybersecurity Measures Applicable to...

    Be Part of the NASA Aerospace Hackathon: When and How to Participate From Costa Rica

     If you are a lover of science, technology and space, this information will interest you. The 12th edition of the NASA Space Apps Challenge will take place on October 7 and 8 and everyone can participate, regardless of age,...

    6 Tips to Obtain Employment in the Technology Sector Inside and Outside Costa Rica for 2023

    Presence on social networks, as well as participating in events and training are tools that facilitate such purposes.

    Which Optimum Internet Plans to Invest in for Streaming Movies, TV, and Live Sports?

    Who doesn’t like streaming movies, TV shows, and live sports to take a break from the fast-paced world? All these entertainment

    Get to Know “Blockchain Jungle”, the Technological Event of the Year in Costa Rica

    Blockchain Jungle 2023, the technology event of the year, is ready to make history on November 16 at the San José Convention Center.

    What are the Present Challenges for Recluting IT Talent in Costa Rica

    Companies must offer outstanding benefits and candidates must have not only knowledge, but soft skills

    Costa Rica Held the 1st Central American Space Congress 2023

    During three exciting days of talks, panels and coexistence spaces, experts and enthusiasts of the space industry

    The Aerospace Industry in Developing Nations: Unlocking New Horizons

    The aerospace industry plays a crucial role in the technological advancement and global connectivity of nations.

    AI: An Unexpected Character in the World of Videogames

    The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the videogame sector opens new paths and opportunities, but also generates concern

    When You Think You Know Everything About The Sinpe Mobile Payment Tool

    The digital tool has undoubtedly been very beneficial for Costa Ricans, but since not everything is rosy, if there is an error on your part when making a transaction, you run two risks...
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    Sloths, Natural Symbols of Costa Rica, Their Fascinating Struggle for Survival

    Sloths, the beloved residents of Costa Rica's lush rainforests, have perfected the art of survival in their unique habitat....
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