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    Astronomical Spectacles that you Cannot Miss this Year

    This year, 2023, undoubtedly began with an incredible astronomical event like the luminous comet that can be appreciated every 50,000 years.

    Archaeological Discovery in Southern Italy Rewrites History

    A recent archaeological discovery in the ancient city of Paestum, a Greek colony founded in 600 B.C.

    Interactive Learning Revolutionizes Classrooms in Costa Rica

    In-person attendance at schools generates new trends through hybrid classrooms and interaction with technology

    “Digital Twin”: The Italian System that Monitors the Changes of the National Theater of Costa Rica

    This basically consists of a map where movements in the structure are detected, by warning of their severity

    Do You Know What Results the First Costa Rican Space Mission Had?

    Its mission was to test the technology that would study in microgravity the fungus that causes "Panama disease"; a disease that damages banana crops around the world

    Costa Rica Should Copy El Salvador and Remove Taxes or Obstacles to the Technological Sector, according to Experts

    Nayib Bukele proposed eliminating all taxes on technological innovations, equipment and software so that El Salvador remains competitive to foreign investment

    ICE Group Publishes First Poster to Deploy 5G Private Networks in Costa Rica

    Grupo ICE launched on March 31st the first poster for the contracting of infrastructure that will serve to deploy private business

    Experimental Pill Succeeds in Ending Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    A clinical trial in the United States has shown that an experimental pill, called revumenib, has achieved complete remission of cancer in 18 patients with acute myeloid leukemia, a form of blood cancer that is the most common in...

    Australian Startup Creates Mammoth Meatball from This Animal’s DNA

    The Vow company seeks to create new types of meat without sacrificing animals; even that of those extinct thousands of years ago

    One of the 4 Letters of RNA -the Essential Molecule for Life- Was Found in an Asteroid

    This asteroid is a blackish sphere about 900 meters in diameter that orbits between Mars and Earth at a minimum
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