Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for The Future. (Part I)

    Among her many acting and performing accomplishments, she portrayed the character of Major Kira Nerys in the legendary series Star Trek.

    New Tico TV Program Highlights “Naivety” By the General Population with Regards to Politics

    The space combines interviews, special guests, explanatory videos and infographics to enrich the audience's learning

    Who is Gordon Ramsay, the Famous Chef that is Vacationing in Costa Rica?

    Gordon Ramsay is a famous British chef on vacation in Costa Rica. It is his second time on national soil and this time he does it with his family, without the threats he said suffered in 2010. At that...

    Gordon Ramsay Would be Filming New Episodes of his Series in Costa Rica

    Filming new episodes of his series "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted" or "Extreme Flavors", from National Geographic, would be the reason for the famous chef's visit to Costa Rica, according to the Daily Mail newspaper published today. The visit was announced yesterday...

    Famed Chef Gordon Ramsay Delighted with Caribbean Food at Limon

    The renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay is visiting the country and this week he was enjoying Caribbean food at Limon where he was recognized by the neighbors. Kisha Moore, attending the Soda Mirna in Puerto Viejo, recognized him as...

    Family Creates Board Game Inspired by Costa Rican Legends

    Rescuing Costa Rican legends, as well as promoting popular culture, led an enterprising family to create "Pura Vida Monsters," a card game that includes 21 characters, as well as artistic illustrations of Costa Rican "monsters". The characters are divided...

    The best 5 Apps to successfully retouch your photos

    Photography can be defined as the art and science that makes it possible to obtain lasting images through the use of light and capture them through some physical means. To achieve those perfect photographs today with the help of...

    The real “Jurassic Park” in Costa Rica with 140-meter waterfalls

    Adventure tourism experts in canyoning (a vertical sport with ropes focused on the exploration of ravines and canyons), can fulfill the dream of entering the heart of the Barranco del Río Barroso in Marseille from Venice in San Carlos,...

    The BPM Festival 2021 in Costa Rica Opens its Reservations

    The BPM Festival is back!, as they've just announced the Phase 1 Lineup for their sophomore edition: Tamarindo, Costa Rica in 2021! Slated for next March 3rd to March 7th, the event will take place across several open-air venues...
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    Not at all like other human detects, olfactory reactions are connected to the emotional focal point of our minds and relate straightforwardly with our previous encounters.
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