Heavy Rains Cause More than 50 Incidents Across Costa Rica

    Cartago, the Caribbean area and the southern area have been the sectors most affected by the heavy downpours this week, with more than 50 events, according to the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Care of Emergencies (CNE). Alexander Solís,...

    Popular Spanish Travel Program to Include Costa Rica in its Next Season

    “Planeta Calleja”, from the Spanish television network Cuatro, concluded recordings on Costa Rican soil together with the actor Antonio Resines for the start of its fourth season. The production team lived unique experiences in Tortuguero, the Pacuare River, Turrialba,...

    How Did the Consumption of Series and Movies Evolve in the Last Year?

    “Television consumption and internet traffic give us an idea of the time and intensity with which we dedicate ourselves to these technological platforms”, says Terri Thrush, Panamanian film producer. Many things have changed in the last year and among them...

    “BIRDWATCH” The New Twitter Feature

    Twitter unveiled a new function aimed at shoveling misinformation or erroneous content, it is Birdwatch. This new system allows users to discuss and provide context to tweets that they believe are misleading or false. The function is called Birdwatch, it is...

    Costa Rica Serves as Stage for National Geographic Debut on TikTok

    Shouting ‘Pura vida’ and accompanied by a video montage with scenes from Costa Rica, the famous international magazine National Geographic made its debut on one of the most popular social networks of the moment: TikTok. In the publication you can...

    Puto Futuro: the Tico Virtual Dance Show that Reflects on the Pandemic

    Puto Futuro is the name of the virtual university dance show that reflects on technology, reality, fiction and confinement around the idea of the future. The staging is a collaboration from University Dance of the University of Costa Rica...

    Audiovisual Series Shows Cultural Legacy of Costa Rican Gastronomy

    "Bicentennial: 200 Years of Independent Cuisine" is the name of the new audiovisual series that shows the cultural legacy of Costa Rican gastronomy. Through 12 episodes the production of the Ministry of Culture and Youth in alliance with Auto...

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for the Future. (Part 2)

    The character of Major Kira is one of Star Trek's most realistic and thought-provoking because of its depth and constant evolution

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for The Future. (Part I)

    Among her many acting and performing accomplishments, she portrayed the character of Major Kira Nerys in the legendary series Star Trek.

    New Tico TV Program Highlights “Naivety” By the General Population with Regards to Politics

    The space combines interviews, special guests, explanatory videos and infographics to enrich the audience's learning
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    More than 48 Thousand People have Entered Panama Through the Darién Jungle this Year

    Thousands of migrants cross Central America and part of South and North America, in search of obtaining a stable economic condition and better living conditions in their final destination
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