CAREIG Predicts Costa Rica’s Water-Rich Land Could Prove More Valuable Than Gold

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – While governments and corporations squabble over resources like oil and rare earth minerals, many investors are looking towards water as the next big commodity. Water is essential for life, and is in short supply. Only 1% of the world’s water is actually usable by humans.

    Growing populations and rising costs of living will likely make water even more valuable in the future. Desalination is too expensive to be an economical solution to this problem. It’s this reason that CAREIG (Central America Real Estate Investment Group) is investing heavily in water properties throughout Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a prime location due to its water-rich environment.

    As a developing country, Costa Rica offers a number of additional advantages. Both Costa Rica and neighboring companies are part of what is known as an emerging market. This means that the regional economy, though small compared to the economies of the US or Europe, is expanding and has a great deal of room for growth. Emerging markets are often considered excellent investment opportunities.

    CAREIG has recently acquired an agricultural property that includes a natural spring. This is known as an H2O property to due its inclusion of a water feature. A water-bottling plant is already being built on this land in order to capitalize on the resource. H2O properties also possess agricultural potential that allows for self-sufficient farming. Portions of the land are already being sold to those with an interest in living “off the grid”. Others may have an interest in selling agricultural products grown on this property.

    CAREIG believes that competition for water will increase in the near future. Those who invest in a water source today will have access to an extremely valuable resource. Doing so also provides an opportunity for self-sufficiency. The land can be used to grow crops and biofuels, reducing or eliminating dependence on wider society.

    By working with H2O properties, CAREIG hopes to provide a valuable opportunity for investors.

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