Canada Winter Wedding Photography

Tips for the Photographer

The right ‘shot spot’

Canada winter wedding

It’d be no lie to say that lovely Alberta, Canada (or any nearby region of the beautiful country, for that matter) is home to many a fine shooting location when it comes to outdoor wedding photographer, even for the winter season. And the location must be the first thing that is determined. In other words, the “spot for the shot”, or “shot spot”, will set the firmament for all else, so choose some great spots, considering the lighting amount offered, weather conditions, surrounding environments and much more.

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Why camera specs can be so crucial to capturing the right shots


  • The megapixel count is the first spec to consider when finding and using the right camera that will capture a beautiful, inspiring marriage photo. And having more megapixels within the camera allows the photographer to do even more, such as printing much bigger ‘croppable’ pictures and even enhancing smaller corners of shots.
  • In addition, one ought to note the shutter lag when reading camera product labels or browsing them online. Shutter lag can make or break a shot altogether, slowing it down at even the most inconvenient of moments.
  • Furthermore, 4x or greater zoom lens is likewise to be factored into account as it will imply the amount and scope of minimum lens setting that can be enhanced while angling and honing in on a certain region.
  • On that note, “digital zoom” is not to be considered as much since it’s just a factor that relates to magnifying an already captured image.
  • “Optimal zoom”, however, is of greater relevance when zooming for the right shot. Optical zoom allows for honing in before capturing, projecting light rays and other sensory aspects beforehand.


Brands – types of cameras that a quality photographer will work with


Romantic Wedding

Some of the top names in photography products include the following, so check them out when considering the next great purchase:

  1. Canon
  2. Olympus
  3. Sony
  4. Nikon
  5. Panasonic
  6. Pentax
  7. Fuji


Further ideas that can make a great photo


  • When both people in the shot are comfortable, the shot will look more natural.
  • To get both participants on the same page, make them feel “at home” with you as the photographer, somewhat relaxed in the surrounding environment, and no less engaged with each other.
  • Do this by telling a joke or speaking in a soft, calm tone of voice as you tell them which pose to fall into next, giving a “carefree” appearance, which they should emulate. This’ll lead to a quality captured shot as well.


Winter wedding

 Concluding thoughts

The right shot begins at the right spot. Remember that. But don’t forget that the right kind of lens on the camera, as well as the ideal ISO range, and the right camera as a well, can make all the difference, too. And remember to consider the tone and mood of the couple and their surrounding environment, making them feel as naturally relaxed as possible. Care-free is the key to quality in any pose.

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