Bicycles, mega-terminal of buses and change of routes are current proposals to combat traffic

Municipalities of Heredia, Cartago, and Alajuela expect to implement initiatives in the short run

Bicipubli, a municipal program originally designed for students in Cartago Center, would be open to use for the general public as of this Tuesday.

The initiative is consists of the local government loaning a bicycle to each citizen on a daily basis, in order to promote this type of transportation in the private sector.

This is one of the actions effective immediately that would help to decongest the bottle neck problem, said the Carthaginian mayor Ronaldo Rodríguez on the program, Nuestra Voz.

Just like Rodriguez, his counterparts from Heredia and Alajuela are working on short term solutions to eliminate the traffic problem in their cities.

In Heredia’s case, the mayor, José Manuel Ulate claims he paid for a feasibility study on constructing a mega-terminal of buses.

To accomplish it, he said they are undergoing negotiations with the private sector and the MOPT (Ministry of Public Transportation).

The plan of traffic laws that Alajuela has presented was delayed over the past two years due to opposition by businesses in the area. The main objection is that the wide street would be in only one direction. Despite this the local government plans to implement the plan this year.

Alajuelan mayor, Roberto Thompson,  noted that they have fine tuned the last details to execute measurements to reduce the entry and exit times by 40%.

SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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