Bicycle Madness in Costa Rica Shoots up Sales by up to 100%

Bicycle sales have soared by as much as 100% since mid-April, in numbers only comparable to those around the Christmas holiday, although, depending on the company, they are even better in these times of Pandemic.

The interest in acquiring a bike is such that the companies consulted acknowledge that at one point the production did not reach to supply all the demand. But, how can the ‘boom’ of recreational cycling in times of Pandemic be explained and what kind of customers is buying the bikes?

The fear of a good number of people to use public transport and expose themselves to crowds, during the COVID-19 crisis is the main reason. This makes people prefer moving from one place to another by bike, rather than getting on public transport.

Amid the social-distancing required by the Pandemic, athletes found in cycling a way to meet their friends, have a gathering, and enjoy the outdoors, although of course, avoid crowding and keeping their distance.

With these and other reasons in mind, cycling has captured a good number of new practitioners in recent months. In Cobicondor, almost 400 bicycles are distributed per day during December, the best time of the year. These are the same numbers that they currently handle, although with the difficulties that this entails. For example, they began to suffer delays in the arrival of bicycles imported from Asia and bought months ago, as a result of the international shipping affectation due to the Pandemic.

Another drawback was that, at the beginning of the crisis, many retailers thought (erroneously) that bicycles and its accessories (helmets, shoes, uniforms, etc.) were not perceived as priority consumption as say the food was.

Bicycle shop owners explained that many of the customers are initially interested in buying a bicycle that is in a low price range, but then they are encouraged to purchase a more expensive (sophisticated) product. Each bicycle is on average between ₡ 1.5 million and ₡ 3 million.

On the other hand, the possibility that a percentage of these enthusiastic athletes decide to enter the cycling world more intensively opens the possibility for the Costa Rican Cycling Federation so that it can work on group tours and continue to massify the sport.

An example is given of parents who get fully into cycling and fall in love with the discipline only after they see their siblings already enjoying the activity; You also may decide now to encourage yourself or your children to try out the sport, eventually opening the door to a whole new exciting and healthy physical activity for all ages.

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