Peak of the Pandemic in Costa Rica is projected for the Next Weekend

The Coronavirus Situation Analysis Room is estimating that the peak of the Pandemic will be experienced between August 16th and 17th, that is, next weekend. This was explained by Doctor Mario Urcuyo, representatives from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

Along with the geographer Raquel Espinoza of the National Emergency Commission, Urcuyo had presented projections on July 16th that the country would be exceeding the 100,000 accumulated cases of COVID-19 in a matter of a month.

Without specifying the new figures, the doctor does clarified that they will be much lower, but not less worrying. “The projections are made so that they are not fulfilled, if the projection is fulfilled it means that the health system did not succeed,” he said.

Concern for ICUs

The same projections presented in mid-July illustrated a no less complex scenario for hospital occupation, especially with respect to Intensive Care Units. As stated at that time, up to 370 patients would be requiring simultaneous care in the advanced medicine spaces, which exceeded the nationality capacity. Now, Dr. Urcuyo points out that a ceiling of no more than 200 beds is projected, a figure closer to the 159 units available at the moment.

Operation “Hammer blows” look to the future

Amid stabilization of the disease detection figures, Urcuyo clarified that Pandemic data reflects the decisions made two or three weeks ago. Thus, the peak arrives at a moment of “hammer”, projected by the Government to be fulfilled as of August 9th.

After clarifying on several occasions that the projections are not exact and that they are highly changeable, Urcuyo clarified that there could be confusion when noticing how the data shows an upward trend even when a part of the country remains on hiatus. “That effects that we are going to see will be a consequence of the dynamics that we have at this time,” he explained.

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