In Costa Rica, 1 in 10 patients older than 90 Years Have Managed to Recover from COVID-19

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In Costa Rica, 1 in 10 patients older than 90 years with COVID-19 managed to recover from the disease. According to data from the Ministry of Health (as of August 3rd), the country registers, so far, a total of six people over the age of 90 recovered from the Virus, the oldest of whom is 96 years old. The recovery of these people gives the medical authorities much hope, also challenges the prognosis of mortality in the older population. In total, the country reports 64 cases of COVID-19 in adults over 90 years of age, 45 of them still have the active virus (70 percent) and 13 have died (20 percent).

COVID-19 cases in the country’s older adult population increased significantly during July, as the month started with 182 cases and ended with 1,105. In addition, so far in August 107 cases have been added (in 3 days). According to Health records, the country registers 426 cases of the novel Coronavirus in people aged between 65 to 69 years, 263 infections in adults between 70 and 74 and 196 patients with an age range of 75 to 79 (years). There are also 165 cases of Covid-19 in people between the ages of 80 and 84 and another 98 patients with an age range of 85 to 89 years.

To date, Costa Rica registers a total of 19,402 cases of COVID-19, accumulating 15,981 adults, 2,089 minors and 1,212 older adults. As of August 3rd, the country registers 171 deaths due to COVID-19.

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