Behind the Scenes of Costa Rica’s 2015 Envision Festival: An Interview With Co-Founder Justin Brothers

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica is quickly gaining popularity worldwide, even topping Fest300’s Most Transformational Festivals list for 2015. This year’s fest is approaching quickly, starting on February 26 and rocking until March 1, although there will be plenty of Envision-related parties and activities before and after these dates.

    Justin Brothers, Co-Founder and Co-Producer of Envision, took a moment out of his pre-festival preparations to give TCRN a behind-the-scenes look at one of Costa Rica’s most powerful gatherings.

    How would you describe the festival for anyone not familiar with Envision?
    In just four years, Envision has blossomed from a backyard event into an internationally acclaimed community gathering. Envision is continuing its journey to break down cultural barriers, representing an elevated festival experience of spirit and community. By bringing people together in the lush landscape of Costa Rica, Envision offers opportunities to celebrate the spirit, heal our bodies and minds, and revitalize our souls. Be a part of a global movement that is destined to shape our global future while experiencing the beauty of the landscape, healing undertones, artistic expression, and the “Pura Vida!” way of life. This is Envision Festival.

    What makes it unique from other music festivals out there?
    The natural beauty of Costa Rica coupled with the phenomenal world-class musical, yoga, art, spoken workshop offerings along with the use of bamboo for 85% of our infrastructure. At every turn we strive to present an experience that is different than anything else anyone has ever experience, top to bottom. This is our opportunity to invite the world in and show them our favorite ways to celebrate with a purpose.

    Were other locations considered for the festival or was Envision shaped with Costa Rica in mind?
    From the inception, Envision was shaped in and for Costa Rica. We wouldn’t be anything without the community that exists in Costa Rica. This includes the thriving music scene, the direction of natural resource conservation efforts, vibrant expat communities and a complete love for vibrant cultural celebration. We love our home and cant imagine existing anywhere else in the world.

    What are your top must-experience activities for 2015?
    – Do yourself a favor, take a movement workshop. There are no beginners or experts here.
    – All the adventure activities we have to offer. learn to surf, slide down a waterfall or go horseback riding on the beach.
    – Daily sunrise performances by some of the world’s most appropriate artists.
    – Covering your body in detoxifying and revitalizing blue clay from the mountains right above Envision.
    – A nightly magical sunset on the beach with 1,000 of your closest friends.

    Envision is a powerful name. What do you envision for the festival in the future?
    We hope to be able to keep living our dreams and pave the way for others to envision their own lives in the ways they want to live them, not the ways in which they think they need to live them.

    For more information on the festival, buying tickets, or making preparations, check out their website or contact us!

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    By Lindsey Vast

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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