Bambu House, A Place To Become One With Nature

A Place Hide From Stress

The House

An imponent house full of amenities

Intriguing architectural lines and captivating interior design combine for an incomparable experience.


Clean, contemporary and uncluttered. Spaces flow seamlessly from indoors to out, for quintessential Costa Rican living.

The Location & View

Better than beach-front!  At 1,000 ft. elevation, breezes from the sea-by-day and the mountain-by-night provide consistent cool comfort.

All corners have a wonderful view


A sweeping panorama of the Pacific Ocean; spectacular sunset views 365 days per year.

Ever-changing white-water breakers stretching from the ancient lava-flow rocks of Dominicalito Bay to the islands of Manuel Antonio.

The Jungle & Wildlife

More than 60 acres of pristine, TRUE primary rain forest reserve, stretching to the top of the mountain, never to be touched…

Hike the trails and hear the echoes of a primordial world.  Trees exceeding 30 ft. circumference and soaring more than 150 ft. tall…

The whole house is surrounded by plants and pure air

100 foot cascading waterfall… boundless birds including Toucan, Aracari, Laughing Falcon, White Hawk, Swallow Tail Kite, Mealy Parrot, Orange-Chinned Parakeet, King Vulture, Oropendola, Trogan, myriads of hummingbirds, and the occasional Scarlet Macaw…  teeming wildlife including White-Face Capuchin Monkey, Howler Monkey, Three-Toed Sloth, Kinkajou, Coati Mundi, Wooley Opossum, Anteater, Agouti, Whitetail Deer, Peccary, and the tracks of wild jungle cats….

Isn’t THIS what’s drawing you to Costa Rica in the first place?

The Community & Neighbors

Arbol Viejo – Exclusive, private, a boutique gated community set at the top of the road in Marina Vista I.

(Second of only five homes to be built, including the builder’s personal residence.)  Professionals who’ve accomplished career goals are reaping the rewards of their labors, discriminating in taste, demanding of quality, yet down-to-earth and enjoying life.

Shared amenities and care-taking for turn-key ease of living, including roadside landscaping, common jungle hiking trails, 24-hour security presence, water system, community vivero, 1x week home grounds-keeping, available weekly house cleaning.

The Area

Convenient access — 6 minutes to Dominicalito beach; 10 minutes to the surf town of Dominical; 20 minutes to shopping in Uvita; 30 minutes to the finer restaurants of Ojochal.

And yet … we realize that Casa Bambu & the Arbol Viejo Community may not be for everyone.

Why four master bedroom suites?

Maturity and wisdom teach us that the most beautiful experiences in life are the ones we share with those we love – that’s why Casa Bambu features four unforgettable master bedroom suites.

An ocean view from every master bedroom

It’s inevitable – you will want to share the incredible magic with your family and friends.  And you’ll want each of them to awaken to the majesty of the breath-taking view, experience the comfort of exquisite appointments, and drink in the tranquility of special private spaces.

Casa Bambu is designed so that each of the four master suites offers its own unique charms and secrets.  When your guests come to stay, you’ll never need to apologize for someone getting the “not quite as good” bed & bath.

The two lower suites overlook the infinity edge pool.  Each has its own private “secret garden,” one with loungers for gazing up into the towering bamboo, the other with a carved boulder outdoor soaking tub.

The two upper suites each have private balconies, bringing the spectacular Pacific Ocean vistas to an even “higher level.”

It’s not enough to simply “look good” – it’s just as important that a house “lives good,” and stays that way!  Casa Bambu offers the perfect harmony of form and function.

This place have comfort as a house in the city

With ten years of travels throughout Costa Rica, the builders have gleaned invaluable insights into what does (and doesn’t) contribute to an ideal home in this part of the world.

Seemingly mundane things like airflow and directional aspect contribute immensely to comfort and ease of living, and yet often seem overlooked.

With rigorous standards of US Professional Civil Engineering, great care has been taken in all areas, including durability of construction, the stability of land, and management of high volume rainfall.

A combination of “deco-metal” screened windows, plus operable screened doors & windows, are strategically placed on both the mountain and ocean sides of the great room.

Perfectly positioned from floor to vaulted ceiling, these allow for constant airflow throughout the day and night – eliminating the need for large-scale and expensive air-conditioning.

The open concept maintain the weather fresh inside

Ceiling fans in all indoor and outdoor living spaces augment the continual air movement.

The bedrooms are designed to flex either way – enjoy the natural airflow, or choose air-conditioned sleeping comfort.

Screened openings in the connecting master bathrooms provide flow-through breezes when desired.

An ingenious “louver” system in the upper bedrooms can be opened to capture the natural currents, or closed to seal for AC use.

Secret corners give it a plus

The large 2-car entry portico provides dry cover for unloading passengers and groceries no matter what the weather.


Generous 1.5 meter roof overhangs and over-size gutters assure interior dryness and enjoyable outdoor living, even in the heaviest of downpours.

Roof-top solar water heaters provide eco-friendly hot water for shower and bathing comfort.


  • Washer/Dryer
  • Covered Balcony
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Broadband Internet
  • Patio/Deck
  • Ocean View
  • Mountain View
  • Swimming Pool
  • Air Conditioners

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