Part 1: An Intense Night Begins

Our cars bouncing over crater size potholes we travel to the lush Resonance (https://www.ResonanceCR.com/) property on the Guanacaste coast of Costa Rica. Nine people, mostly strangers, embark on a life-altering journey starting in the city of San José. Our bond begins through the mountainous valleys, into the jungle. Over a fruitarian meal, we begin to know each other. While no one is defined even by their most dominant trait, each person will get to be known by his or her identifying traits, liabilities, assets and truths.

An intense night of plant medicine lays ahead… Unknown to all of us including the un-initiated, the Ayahuasca is strong and each person will have an awakening, a new purpose or perspective, or a revolutionary psychedelic experience that will give them a new view of the world. Everyone has come for personal reasons but in each moment we see the value of each other in our journey.

We Are The Tribe
Our new tribe of nine gathers under the leadership of “The Statue”,  a leader with a personal goal: to accomplish dark meditation, to achieve and maintain enlightenment without substances but through meditation in the shadows.

 A coworker has traveled with him: a woman is known as “The Blesser”, she is a non-judgmental Vegan that works at a Steakhouse in Florida, today she blesses and thanks to each piece of meat that exits the kitchen to be served for consumption. Throughout this journey, the moments will get heavy and quiet.

“The Comedian”, even while contemplating his existence and purpose, adds lightness to the most intense of situations.

“The Medium” is a 22-year old man who knows he has a different path in life, uncertain of his exact path, he explores alternative methods, staying modest as he approaches his true calling.

“Smiles”, well, smiles all the time, even during the difficult times of Kambo, he is kind, his friendly attitude brings the group together without overshadowing the lessons he has learned in life and which he now shares with us.

“The Light”, is a thoughtful and artistic man who immediately shows he is here to participate, in his way, he is the first to accept the Resonance way of silently showing appreciation.

“The Warrior Goddess”, doesn’t speak often but when she does, people listen, her history is written on her face and her future is demonstrated in her posture. 

A woman and her son, “The Mom” arrives late with the complete bliss that the delayed journey is in right alignment with the synchronicity of the Universe, her son, “The Future Guru”, is a mere 18-years old boy, a recent high school graduate who requested this trip as his graduation present, The Mom, raised in a religious household and married to a police officer, found this retreat for her and her son to attend together, her open mind and loving heart towards her son exploring the edges of enlightenment in societally unorthodox ways is awe-inspiring and profoundly beautiful.

These are the nine called by mother Aya. We wait in anticipation as the light of day fades into the dark of night, but really to journey into the light of life. For most, the trip was long. It meant traveling from various parts of the world and then to embark on a bumpy journey through the jungle. Despite fatigue and hunger, the nine do not eat much of the provided nourishment.

The Light expresses a subtle fear through a passive question related to purging. All ears perk up to receive answers from the Gnosis Journey team. Danny shares the science behind medicine and personal anecdotes. His knowledge fascinates the group and everyone looks forward to benefits they were not yet aware of from their personal research.

Smiles acknowledges that watching videos ahead of time may not have been helpful. “Terra”, gives a perspective that the journey mirrors life, a paradox, a challenge, but one filled with beauty and love. While a person without experience in Ayahuasca may watch the worst videos or read the worst stories and perceive physical suffering, humiliation, loss of control and hysteria, and perhaps become fearful of the possibilities, and Ayahuasca savvy person will have an entirely different perspective of the same stories. Like seeing a person who went into the shadows, perhaps faced fear and ego, death and rebirth and who came out the other side a bigger, better, stronger, brighter human being.

Building Confidence

The nine, all inexperienced, voice common concerns. Fears of sobbing, of being a distraction to those around them, or of losing control of body and mind. “Forrest” transforms their fears into excitement through her passion and authenticity. She and the team genuinely have everyone’s health and happiness at the core of the journey.

Letting Go and Trust are critical aspects of receiving the full potential of Ayahuasca. One cannot truly happen without the other. Placing our trust in the people who are guiding the journey is critical. This surrender is necessary to fully dive headfirst into the pool of knowledge that Aya will provide to those that are open for the lessons.

As our small tribe of nine get to know their team, we become aware of two types of trust that are integral in the plant medicine journey. Space holders must develop a relationship with those embarking on the journey so each person feels safe from harm and safe from judgment. This trust must be built quickly, and the Gnosis Journey team authentically helps to untangle this knot in the stomach that each of the nine feels. Everyone is in good hands.

With these precepts of trust formed, each individual can begin to start letting go of ego and fear to allow the medicine to move freely in the body and mind. These moments are integral to the cohesion of the community space. With cohesion and trust come lightness of being, the elevation of spirit and oneness. And now, it is time.

To Be Continued………. https://thecostaricanews.com/ayahuasca-part-2/

By: Sarah Lynn ThomasFollow her and all her amazing stories on IG

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