ArtesDenuncia: The New Campaign from the Faculty of Arts against Sexual Harassment

The Advisory Council of the Faculty of Arts, with the special support of the School of Plastic Arts, presented a graphic campaign to promote the Regulations against Sexual Harassment of the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

Professor Eugenia Picado MayKall and the “graphic workshop III” course composed of the students: Yulieth Ávila Salazar, Maricruz Solano Benavides, Irene Machado Bravo, Milena Somogyi Coto, Hawi Castañeda were appointed to prepare all the graphic materials. “The dean proposed to me directly that if I could, with the help of the students, develop a campaign in any of the courses to promote the new regulations,” said the Professor.

A multi-stage process

The campaign building process began with an analysis of other similar products. This helped the group to define well what they wanted to do and also made them conclude that they did not want to re-victimize people who have experienced harassment.

The group also received some ideas from the Advisory Council of the Faculty of Arts on the important aspects of the regulation to be highlighted, later they met with representatives of the UCR Center for Research in Women’s Studies (CIEM). All this to define what they wanted to emphasize the creative process to develop the artwork.

“To unify the campaign we wanted to have a close relationship with the visual identity of the UCR. For this, we use two institutional colors, cyan and yellow. We also use purple, which within the previous investigation of other campaigns and movements against sexual harassment are a very representative color”, says student Yulieth Ávila Salazar.

The campaign also uses other representative elements, such as a hand signaling “stop sexual harassment now.” “The process is important because they get involved to design their peer-to-peer campaign, from student to student,” adds Picado.

For her part, María Clara Vargas Cullell, dean of the Faculty of Arts, comments that the idea of carrying out this campaign comes from a statement from the Rectory that urged academic units to disseminate the institutional regulations related to harassment.

“I think it is very important to carry out all this type of campaign for the dissemination of the regulation because many times, people do not know or do not understand well what are the possibilities we have to report this type of situation,” concluded the dean.

The campaign is currently being published on the Facebook and Instagram page of the Faculty of Arts. All the graphic products that make it up are available there.

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