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    ArtesDenuncia: The New Campaign from the Faculty of Arts against Sexual Harassment

    The Advisory Council of the Faculty of Arts, with the special support of the School of Plastic Arts, presented a graphic campaign to promote...

    Costa Rican Scientist Investigates Presence of Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria in Wasp Colonies

    Researcher Laura Chavarría is studying social wasps to determine the presence of actinobacteria (producers of antibiotic substances) in these colonies and to test their...

    GPS Technology, The Innovations that Society Demands

    The world is advancing at a rate where the demands on the subject of innovations are advancing at a rapid pace. Precisely the Global Positioning...

    Justin Trudeau Leaves Happily after Surfing on Costa Rican Beaches and Promises to Return

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left Costa Rican territory on Saturday after having enjoyed the waves in the Central Pacific

    Environmental Activist Prosecuted for Denouncing Pineapple Plantations (Piñeras)

    Costa Rican environmental activists are demanding greater protection to continue fighting against the destruction of our natural areas

    Get To Know Liberia: Capital of Beautiful Guanacaste

    Liberia is a city in Costa Rica, capital of the province of Guanacaste and the homonymous canton. Located 215 kilometers northwest of San José...
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