Are You Unemployed? Follow These Tips From an Expert

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    In recent months, many people have become unemployed, so the expert Diego Benitez, director of Empodérate, offers the following recommendations: If you were fired, consider the following:

    1. Work on closing your old job emotionally and have an optimistic attitude about what is coming.
    2. Define your work project and what you must strengthen to achieve it.
    3. Analyze your current financial situation, define a budget with your new reality, being clear how long you can keep with your severance payment.
    4. Study the market to see what options exist and to help you determine where you have opportunities.
    5. Be attentive to searches, reactivate your network of contacts and update your resume.

    The previous points are expanded below:

    1. What to do before a dismissal, what are the first steps?

    The first thing we must do is live the natural grief of the loss of a job, then make the separation, that is, leave everything in order to close the cycle in a healthy way and with good relationships. Subsequently, you should take the time to analyze what you want to do with your professional life, every change gives us the opportunity to do something different, each person must take ownership of their professional career and define where they want it to go.

    Sometimes we fall into jobs that life took us, but we didn’t feel fulfilled. It would be important to find a job that gives me the resources I need, but that in turn makes me self-fulfilling. And many times we are not necessarily going to get that job all at once, but we are going to project ourselves to that job, mapping out a route.

    1. What should and should not do, a person who has been terminated from their employment?

    Do not talk about your previous employer, because the only one who looks bad is him. You should not let emotions such as anxiety, pessimism, negativity invade you. Instead of worrying, you should take care. You must plan the actions to take and follow a plan to find a job.

    Although you should never have stopped doing it, you must regain your network of contacts. You should not immediately communicate that you are looking for a job, you should take a short time to analyze your path because the opportunity you are looking for may come very quickly that by not being prepared we can lose it.

    You must research the market to determine what companies are looking for and see how to prepare yourself to have an effective interview considering that many of them are remote, so you must have the tools to have a non-face-to-face interview.

    1. Should you invest your severance money, if so, what steps should you take, what aspects should you take into account?

    It is recommended that you adjust your budget with the new reality and once you are clear about your monthly obligations, the ideal is to project it for how long the current resources reach you. You must understand that, in the previous times, the average to find a job was 4 to 5 months, but with the current situation that time may be longer.

    It all depends on spending time and effort looking for the job you require and not waiting for it to come to you. If the compensation allows you to stay for more than 6 months, that difference can be invested in installment certificates, but always in short terms if required.

    1. What to put on your resume and what not, in this new normal.

    Beyond the new normal, you have to focus the curriculum according to the position and company in which you are going to participate. It is not recommended to send the same resume to everyone. We must adapt it to the companies that we are sending. It is important to do this task.

    In these times it has become key that in addition to our experience and knowledge, soft skills are highly valued, those that involve people’s relationship skills, communication, emotional management, conflict resolution, among others.

    1. What if they don’t call you, how do you take on the challenge.

    In any case, the attitude with which I face good or bad news makes a difference, the fact that a door is closed does not mean that one will not be opened for me, this will allow me to reflect on what adjustments I should make to my proposal and how I am managing my profile.

    Normally we think that when we are not hired it is because there is something wrong with our professional profile and perhaps it is that the profile is more than what they were looking for or did not fit that type of position. For this reason, I recommend that you work on adapting the proposal to the position and dedicate time to strengthen self-confidence. This will allow you to better sell yourself to recruiters.

    1. What other alternatives can be started if you can’t find a job?

    In any case, standing idly by is not an option. I recommend analyzing what your skills and talents are, in what you have accumulated experience, both professionally and in life, so that you take advantage of those skills in creating an enterprise. This project can generate income to get ahead momentarily, or it could become a stable business that becomes your main source of income.

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