All on 4 Permanent Dentures

A dental solution that returns your life back to normal

So here you are. If not toothless, maybe more than halfway there. Trying to hold things together with a partial perhaps, or some other dental engineering just waiting to fail you. Your life is reduced to waiting for the few functional teeth you have to give up the ghost, so to speak. It is something that you know is only a matter of time.

And what a smile?

If you have already lost your teeth, perhaps you are now living with removable dentures that seems to spend all their time shifting, moving, or falling out. It is almost impossible to talk normally. Trying to form words that used to roll off your tongue is now an exercise in futility. Your ability to eat is a daily adventure. Every bite is an invitation for dentures sliding or slipping. Every night when you take your dentures out to clean, you see yourself in the mirror.  Your face distorted and sullen, without an artificial support to give it shape. That is your life now. Would you like to change it? You can!

Afraid to smile anymore?

The All on 4 is the answer you have been waiting for. It is a very straightforward dental solution that ends the personal, daily nightmare that you are living. In this dental surgery, 4 implants are placed in your upper dental bridge, and 4 implants in your lower dental bridge. In our dental laboratory, a computer guided machine makes a perfect acrylic bridge according to your specifications. The bridge is then attached to the implants that act as permanent anchors. They hold the bridge in place. No slipping or sliding. They NEVER come out.

You clean them like your regular teeth. These dentures do not stain, and look completely natural. They will stay white and healthy looking. You can eat normally without the fear of being embarrassed. You will be able to talk normally again. You will no longer be afraid to speak up. You can form your words, and once again, they will roll off your tongue. Life will be normal again. NORMAL.

Charles Drennard. Here to answer all your questions.

You can expect your All on 4 permanent dentures to last as long as you take care of them.  There are several different styles of All on 4, and I will be happy to take your call and discuss your options. All of the surgical work is done in one day in one visit. You do not have to go to multiple visits with different dentists that take several weeks, or even months to finish.

It is all done in ONE day with one dentist. All work is 100% guaranteed by our American Dental Association approved dentist.  Contact Charles Drennard through the link below, and let’s end the personal dental nightmare that rules your life.


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