All about Incense – The Emotional Benefits of Aromatizing

    Incenses work to balance emotions, as they have been used to transform the atmosphere into an environment of meditation and relaxation

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    The sense of smell is sensitive to all the aromas that are in the environment, from the smell of your skin to the aroma of flowers, food or any object that is around you. All of these smells have the power to connect and lead you to feel, whether consciously or unconsciously, all kinds of emotions.

    According to experts, that is the main quality of incenses: connecting you with various sensations through the perfumes that emerge with the fire. That connection can be used therapeutically or religiously.

    Incense is a preparation of aromatic vegetable resins, to which essential oils are added, which can be of vegetable or animal origin, and that when burning with fire give off aromatic smoke. This aroma is used for different purposes”, comments Gabriela Sánchez, incense seller.

    Human beings have always had a connection with incense, since years ago it has been used in different ceremonies or religious rituals for cleaning, healing and to eliminate negative energies that are in the environment. Through the representation of the smoke that floats in the air and rises to the sky, people ask their higher selves to fulfill their wishes.


    Currently it is also used as a means to purify and aromatize different spaces in the home because its aroma makes the environment much more pleasant and pleasant for the senses. The essence favors relaxation and improves the mood of the inhabitants of the home.

    It is recommended that when you return from work, you rest in your favorite place in your home and light an incense scented with lavender or cinnamon and meditate for 10 minutes. These fragrances have the property of releasing negative tensions, relaxing and bringing warmth to the environment, which will help you eliminate the stress of work or traffic and you will enjoy your arrival home more.

    Incense is used as an element that helps relaxation. (Free Press Photo: Pixibay)

    “The main power, by which incense should become an everyday element of our life, is that it helps us connect with aromas that lead us to our emotions and, directly or indirectly, change our mood. Everything will depend on the aroma we use, for the purpose we seek. That is to say, there are aromas that will relax us, others that will increase our energy and others that are used for sexual desire”, explains Sánchez.

    However, the properties of incense are also used for therapeutic effects on a psychological level. The effects that each aroma produces in the person are beneficial to support the healing processes of disorders and diseases.

    According to Marlene Rodríguez-Azpuru, a psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, aromatherapy is a complementary medicine where essential oils from aromatic plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and fruits are used to help heal. This treatment complements psychotherapy in patients with anxiety disorders, depression and emotional instability.

    “About 15% of the air we inhale is directed to our noses, where olfactory receptors carry odors directly to a part of the brain called the limbic system. This area of ​​the brain is connected with instinct, emotions, memory, attention, among others”, explains the specialist. Therefore, the feeling of an aroma during therapy stimulates the release of chemical substances that play a role in the generation of well-being or the memory of facts, ideas, images and other experiences through memory.

    Aromatherapy uses essential oils from aromatic plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks, and fruits to help heal. (Free Press Photo: Services)

    Pablo Aguilar, 33, remembers that since he attended therapy to assimilate the death of his father, he has practiced aromatherapy. “My dad and I had a traffic accident, three years ago, unfortunately he passed away. Since that time, for me driving and being in traffic has been torture because in addition to the stress that it causes to anyone, it brings me bad memories and high levels of anxiety. However, with the psychologist I have learned to control these symptoms with psychotherapy and aromatherapy”, he comments.

    Aguilar relates that from the first session with the psychologist the scent of sandalwood and lavender have been present in the therapies. The incense with these two essences has managed to reduce the nervousness and stress caused by city traffic. “I now buy the incense and put it in my house when I arrive. When I feel these aromas, I immediately feel in a safe place, as if I were in therapy, then the anxiety and negative energy diminish little by little ”, says the young man.

    Properties Of Aromas

    Frankincense benefits vary depending on the fragrance you choose, because each aroma has properties that will give you a specific result. It is advisable to know the most common fragrances and thus you can obtain the effect you want.

    Lavender. It is a relaxing scent and ideal to generate tranquility in an environment. “This aroma is one of the most used for meditation. It is common to perceive it in medical clinics or in yoga classes, because it releases bad vibes and brings peace”, says Sánchez.

    Myrrh. It is also an aroma that contributes to relaxation and meditation. According to Sánchez, several people use it to eliminate bad energy from places or people. In addition, several use it for gratitude rituals.

    Cinnamon. It is a revitalizing scent and aphrodisiac. It is ideal for meditation, to create a safe environment and to energize the body. It is also used to generate a romantic and erotic atmosphere.

    Rosemary. A revitalizing scent that helps clean the environment and eliminates bad energy or that which is stagnant in home environments. This essence is to increase memory, so it is advisable to place it in places of study or reading.

    Eucalyptus. It is a stimulating scent. It is common to use it to disinfect and refresh environments where a person has been sick with asthma, cough or bronchitis. This aroma helps to decongest the respiratory system.

    Mint. It is also a stimulating scent. Due to its freshness, this essence purifies environments charged with energy. In addition, it is used in therapies to accept loneliness.

    Vanilla. It is an aphrodisiac aroma that is used for a romantic and seductive atmosphere. According to Sánchez, it is one of the essences that most stimulate the senses of the body.

    Rose. “The scent of rose creates a sweet and romantic atmosphere. It is also used to reduce stress and, on occasions, it is used to stimulate the sexual senses”, says Sánchez.

    How To Choose Correctly?

    The main reason that incenses are effective and help connect feelings is because of the materials with which they are made. Therefore, when you want to buy, you have to take into account that all the ingredients are natural. “The scents of herbs, flowers and natural ingredients are the most effective. Then, a good quality incense will be made from a mixture of aromatic plants, oils, flowers, and resins”, says Sánchez.

    It is recommended that in a room it is not exposed for more than three hours with incense. After this time, the environment must be ventilated so that it does not recharge with smoke. Additionally, it lets you rest your respiratory system yourself and the next time you smell the scent it is still just as pleasant.

    Sánchez emphasizes that the quality of incense is also measured by the amount of smoke it generates. Ideally, excessive amounts should not come out of a rod. When burning incense it is advisable to take the same precautions as when lighting a candle. Ideally, place the stick or incense grains in a metal or wooden container, on surfaces that are not easy to burn.

    In addition, you must take into account that incense always leaves ashes, which most create a stain around it.

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