Photo Courtesy of La Nacion


With a backlog of five years and six months compared with the original contract, the expansion and modernization of Juan Santamaría International Airport will be completed in November.

The new airport operator, Aeris Holding Costa Rica, took on the project in May 2009 and 18 months from that date will have completed the 17,500 square meters (m²) that was missing to complete the terminal.

The expansion will consist of nine boarding bridges and five-door exits to the remote terminal.

4920 m² will also be released to house additional space for the new immigration area, the roll-bar and X-ray machines that Aeris opened in April.

Although not foreseen in the original contract for November, several cafes and two restaurants overlooking the runway will open as well.

Finally, to be built on the roof, a third floor with an area of 540 square meters to accommodate VIP customers for the largest airlines at the airport.

In total, Aeris is investing $40 million, which will be recovered along with a profit on the lease that expires in 2026.

Translation and editing by TCRN Staff