Agricultural Producers in Costa Rica Will Be Suppliers to National Exporting Companies

    With the Support of Procomer

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    With the aim of becoming suppliers to other exporting companies, agricultural SMEs will be able to receive seed capital and technical assistance to improve productivity and meet standards, thanks to the Discover Program promoted by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

    Generating long-term chains and supporting the economic development of rural areas of the country, through agricultural and fishing activities, is the objective of this initiative. Three consolidated companies with export experience will be chosen to develop chains with producers of abaca, sweet potato, and cassava by-products. And a total of 27 producers will receive funds of up to US$ 18 thousand to become suppliers of said companies.

    “Discover is a public-private alliance articulated by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, MAG and Procomer, which aims to promote processes of development, transformation, scalability, innovation and technical advice of agricultural and agro-industrial exporting companies and with export potential”, said Andrés Valenciano, Minister of Foreign Trade and President of the Procomer Board of Directors.

    Increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural and fishing sector, and identifying market opportunities for agricultural and agro-industrial products to diversify Costa Rica’s exportable offer, is part of the strategy.

    Those interested in participating for non-reimbursable funds must meet the following requirements:

    • Being a micro, small or medium-sized company in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, exporters or with export potential

    • Having a legal or physical identity card and have less than 100 permanent workers

    • Being registered and up-to-date as an independent worker or as an employer in the Fund

    • Having at least 3 hectares dedicated or that can be dedicated to the cultivation of abaca; or, one hectare of cassava or orange sweet potato on own land or under formal lease.

    • Being registered as an Agricultural Producer in the MAG or have operating permits from the Ministry of Health, or any other necessary for the operation and development of the project.

    • Having the Procomer Unique Diagnosis (DU) or be willing to do it.

    Applicants to be tractor firms can participate until August 12th and the winners will be announced on September 3rd.

    For more information you can write to the email [email protected]

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