A Not So Happy Birthday

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    – Sydney R. Lawson

    Most nightclubs would be thrilled to accommodate a celebrity’s 21st birthday celebration. Not when you are Chris Brown. The R&B singer is turning the big 2, 1 this May but after being charged for assaulting ex girlfriend and pop princess, Rihanna, many hot spots are turning Brown down.

    Reportedly venues in Las Vegas, Miami and New York declined hosting Chris’s b-day bash, not only because they do not want to upset the general public but also they are worried about angering Rihanna. Club owners that have existing relationships with the Barbados beauty want to maintain that. Owners that do not have any connection to her are afraid of ruining a possible partnership in the future.

    Even though this assault occurred over a year ago and celebrities do crazy things all the time, some acts are just unforgivable. Despite numerous public apologies and attempts to gain sympathy by being vocal about growing up in a household with domestic violence, Chris’s image remains tarnished.

    Meanwhile, Rihanna is doing quite well. She is rocking a new hairdo, setting the latest fashion trends, gracing several magazine covers and is dating L.A. Dodgers player, Matt Kemp. Her music continues to tear up the charts, especially her new single “Rude Boy.” Chris’s music remains mediocre and not nearly as praised as his former girlfriend.

    Karma is a you know what. Happy birthday Chris!

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