A Movement Towards Change: Kony 2012

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    The latest craze to hit the social networking scene is a craze with a cause. ‘Kony 2012’ is the global movement to get Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony noticed by the whole world. In this modern world, being ‘famous’ means being acknowledged.  Why is it important that this man is known? Well, exposing his name (and crimes) to raise awareness of his heinous crimes against humanity and the Ugandan people will outrage people that know very little about this. Though there is speculation surrounding the campaign, with people questioning how legitimate it all is, real or fake, it is worth knowing about. With over 5 million views in 2 days on YouTube, the number of people logging in to watch the eye-opening video is escalating by the minute.

    Created by charitable organisation ‘Invisible Children’, the youth that is so often associated with the Facebook and other mediums of networking have been ‘sharing’, ‘liking’ and most importantly ‘joining’ the cause.

    Granted, there are various untold stories in the world, nations across the globe looking for someone to speak out for them but this too was an untold story (for most of the world) until recently. Though this video may seem to be highlighting one particular country and its misfortune, it has started something BIG. It has formed a precedent for other issues to be voiced through a global population. Unity, is perhaps the driving force behind this movement. People of varied backgrounds and cultures are coming together to fight for justice. If there is one thing that this initiative is doing, it is showcasing the compassion and care that does exist in this world!

    People know what result they are looking for (i.e. the capture of Kony) however, the reality is unknown.

    For those people questioning ‘why should I care?’ I put to you this. Yes, it isn’t something that affects us directly and may not be something close to your heart (especially when faced with issues closer to home) but differences aside, remember one thing, the most important race is the human race. The one we are all a part of. If we don’t care for our people (irrespective of colour, race or religion), who will?

    What to know more about how to get involved and what it entails then watch the video below. Perhaps words accompanied by images will help you better understand the extent of this campaign. Please note this article was to make people aware of this cause…what you make of it is down to you.

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