A Green Forest Lung and Food Source for Mammals is Born in San Gerardo de La Tigra

Finca Loma Tigra is the site where 5 thousand new trees begin to develop a new green vegetation lung in the canton. But also, many of these trees will serve as food for different species of fauna, much earlier than expected.

It is conscious reforestation that is promoted by the Fundación Abuela Ecológica in San Gerardo de La Tigra and that began 8 weeks ago but will continue until the goal of those 5,000 trees is met.

“We are doing what Grandma wanted, and need a lot of volunteers. We call it conscious reforestation because what we seek is produce food to attract wild mammals”, said Laura Alfaro, coordinator of the Foundation.

It is about 100 different species and trees up to two meters high

“With this, what we want is to ensure that they are soon giving seeds, instead of taking 10 to 15 years, they will take only about 7 years to bear fruit. They are also in an area of micro-watersheds, with many natural springs”, added Alfaro.

Volunteers required

The Foundation seeks help to complete this mission. Apart from groups of volunteers who want to join the fieldwork, they require financial help for the refreshments of the collaborators and also for transportation. Also, they need a “scythe” for maintenance work in some areas where there are already planted trees.

If you wish to collaborate either as a volunteer or with contributions to complete the work, you can contact the number 6060 7894.

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