62% of Costa Rican households occupy 15% of the territory

Costa Rica population density

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – 62% of homes in Costa Rica are concentrated in 15% of the territory of the country, specifically in the central urban area, which houses the capital, San Jose, according to a study by the Foundation for Housing Promotion (Fuprovi), released today.

The reason for this concentration of houses in the urban area is the easy access to basic services, infrastructure, education, employment, health care and transportation.

While the average density of housing in Costa Rica is 24 houses per square kilometer in places like Tibás, in the northern part of San Jose, there are 2,350 households per square kilometer.

The report from the State of Housing and Urban Development for 2012 conducted by Fuprovi reveals that this concentration of residences generates a huge imbalance.

“The fact that a single region (six in the country) contains most of the dwellings creates very obvious asymmetries. This should be much more equal. Better services are concentrated only in the center,” said Franklin Solano, coordinator Fuprovi Research Unit. (EFE)

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