504 Scholarships Open for Ticos Interested in Pursuing Master’s and Doctorates in Spain

    Deadline to apply for a master's degree expires on March 17, while for doctorates there is time until April 8

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    The Carolina Foundation enabled 504 scholarships for Costa Ricans, and the rest of the Ibero-American community, interested in pursuing a master’s degree, a doctorate or a short postdoctoral research stay in Spain.

    These scholarships are not assigned by country, so the quotas are filled according to the merit of each applicant and how the studies will positively impact the reality of their social environment when they return home, information that the applicant includes in their registration as well as in the interviews of the process, as reported in a statement by the institution dedicated to the promotion of cultural relations and educational and scientific cooperation with the European nation.

    “In addition to being students with excellent qualifications, we highly value that they are professionals with an impact on their society and that they revert the training received in social, political, cultural, economic, scientific life and in other key areas of development of their nations”, explained the director of the Carolina Foundation, José Antonio Sanahuja.

    How to participate

    To participate for a scholarship, those interested in a master’s degree must first enter the link and complete a form with their basic data and academic background. It must be completed no later than March 17.

    Those who aspire to a doctorate or a short postdoctoral research stay must be proposed by study centers that have agreements with the organization -in the country, the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA) and Técnica Nacional (UTN) – through this other electronic address and send the information before April 8.

    On both dates, the Foundation’s portal will close the option to apply at 1:00 a.m., Costa Rican time (9:00 a.m. Spanish time). Each candidate is allowed to apply in up to five different programs. The studies are taught at prestigious universities in Spain and under hybrid training modalities (face-to-face and virtual), due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    For more information

    If you have doubts about the process, you can answer them by writing to the email [email protected] or the one of the master’s degree of interest (which appears in the section of the offer of each program).

    The Facebook page, Red Carolina Costa Rica, made up of alumni of the institution, is available for information and advice on the process. To join this recognized professional group, you must write to the email address [email protected]

    Brilliant Tico examples

    Currently, six Costa Ricans are studying masters and doctorates in Spain in fields such as Law, Coasts and Ports, Economic Sciences, Conflicts and Peace, Biodiversity and Ecology and Molecular Biology.

    One of them is 32-year-old sociologist Andrea Ramírez. “When I won the scholarship I felt a roller coaster of emotions, a lot of happiness; but also the anxiety of this new challenge,” said the young woman, who is studying a master’s degree in International Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies at the Jaume I University, in Castellón de la Plana, region to the east of Spain. For five years, Ramírez has managed processes with community leaders from Rincón Grande de Pavas, in San José, to build a culture of peace.

    On the other hand, the professor at the University of Costa Rica, Isabel Pereira, is studying her second three-year doctorate in Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Granada. With Spanish colleagues, she develops a model to determine investment and rate of return to promote the creation of smart cities, from municipal projects. “In our countries it is a very incipient issue; but our model will be applicable to all of Latin America, “explained Pereira.

    Similarly, the civil engineer Felipe Alfaro, does a master’s degree in Coasts and Ports, at the University of Cantabria, in the north of Spain. “Costa Rica is a country with a giant coastline density, with the advantage of having the Pacific and the Caribbean and, in addition, it is highly touristy,” said the 26-year-old, about why it is essential to have specialized studies in this field in the country.

    In 20 years of existence, the Carolina Foundation awarded more than 18,000 scholarships and research grants, of which 400 Costa Ricans have benefited.

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