50% of Traffic Lights Will Be Solar – Powered This Year

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation along with the National Department of Traffic are planning to install photovoltaic systems at 76 signalized intersections which will increase the number of traffic lights in big cities.


According to the engineer Diego Rugama, the program is expected to be terminated by December this year. With the installation of the photovoltaic system in those 76 intersections, the traffic lights will be using clean energy to work. So far, there are nearly 200 solar traffic lights in the capital city, San José, which represents 50% of these devices.

“We have partnered with the National Department of Traffic to kick off the third stage of this project in the next months.

$1 million dollars are required to carry out this project financed by the Road Safety Council (COSEVI in Spanish)

– explained the engineer.

The expert also said that the plan draft would be previously sent to the National Department of Traffic for approval so that the system installation can be initiated in July or August.

The execution time of this project is 190 days; it means the third stage should be finalized by December. Sistema Empresarial RC S.A will be in charge of the photovoltaic system installation. This enterprise has been at the helm of the entire program.

Rugama added that they will also place a prevention system of lithium batteries to store energy for the traffic to work for 14 hours straight in case of cloudy days or other problem. Failing that, the electrical system may be reactivated to compensate the lack of energy.

The National Department of Traffic is aiming for a 100% solar-powered traffic light system for 2022.

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