382 people registered to use public bikes in Cartago on the initiative’s first day

Users just have to fill out forms and show documents

Cartago is one of the frontrunners of alternative urban transport. The evidence of this is that they’re the first section of the country to start a public bicycle program for citizens.

The initiative started Tuesday and on that day alone 382 people registered to rent one of 100 available bicycles. The mayor, Rolando Rodríguez, said that the process of renting a bicycle consists of filling out a form and presenting ID forms. Once registered the user can pick up their bicycle at one of three stations throughout the city.

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The municipality detailed that the intention of the project is to combat prices and motivate exercise amongst citizens.

Renting out bicycles is the second phase of the project BicipúbliCartago: In the first phase which started in 2014, bicycles were available only to students of the Costa Rican Institute of Technology and the high schools of San Luis Gonzaga and The University High School of Cartago. Rodriguez said that the first experience worked well and that there weren’t any stolen or damaged bicycles.

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SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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