3 Thousand Families Will Have a New Home in Costa Rica

The project is based on the sustainable development

Families should have an income superior to ¢700 thousand.

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“Organizations like Costa Rica-Canada Foundation helps family apply for a loan to get a new home”

It is expected that a total of 3,000 families will be benefited from new underway urban programs promoted by private real estate businesses in the country. Vertical condominiums and the building of residential areas are in the works to provide a home to Costa Rican medium class communities. These houses and small buildings generally measure from 55 to 80 meters square. There are several real estate firms involved in the project which took steps to make this housing program more available to this sector of the population.

People who apply for the loan to purchase a house or an apartment will also have the opportunity to remodel the acquisition in the future through housing bonds. The only condition is a family income of ¢700 or more.

Costa Rica – Canada Foundation is one of the companies which have taken the initiative to give these communities the opportunity to remodel or get an apartment in a condominium. The cost is still in discussion since the project is directed to different sectors of the country. The program is designed to focus on people’s needs by providing them with the best housing solutions.

Some private businesses have already provided homes to more than 50 families in 30 years, and they are looking for more. The main goal is to incorporate several social strata to the overall housing program, especially if they belong to the low – medium social class of the country.

Another feature to point out is that the objective is to build eco-friendly houses and apartments. Top-notch cozy buildings with a sustainable structure with no cement basement. Also, the condominiums will be designed in a way to be safe enough to the homeowners.

So far, all the constructions are being built on order; this minimizes the risk of having vacant houses.

As per the majority of the business managers, it is necessary that the public sector and the government also cooperate because by doing so, it will be easier to urbanize more areas and help a larger number of Costa Ricans. Likewise, the housing enterprises are planning to change some terms and conditions relative to the deferred bonus.

What is the deferred bonus?

It refers to a monthly installment. It permits the purchaser to pay quotes for up to 5 years in event of not having all the money.

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