History of the National Symphony Orchestra

national symphony costa rica

The National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica is an institution dedicated to spreading classical music, choral singing and lyric arts and instrumental training.
The OSN is a Technical Unit of the National Music Center, a body with minimum concentration of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The other specialized technical units are: the National Music Institute, the National Symphony Chorus and the National Lyric Company.

In 1940, Uruguayan director Hugo Mariani and Costa Rican Alfredo Serrano created the first National Symphony Orchestra, which received a grant from the State during the administration of Dr. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia and was granted official status as part of the Ministry of Public Education .

In 1970 he created the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports during the presidency of José Figueres Ferrer. Was appointed as Minister Mr. Alberto Cañas Escalante, and as Deputy Minister, Guido Sáenz González who started his ideas called “musical revolution” which has three core points:

Raising the technical level of the performers of the Orchestra
Purchase of instruments
Organization of an educational program, attached to the Orchestra, for the preparation of instrumentalists of the highest level
The first concert of the National Symphony Orchestra, with its new structure, was conducted in October 1971 and achieved a highly professional performance.

During the first administration of President Oscar Arias Sanchez made a profound adjustment to the restructuring and consolidation that began in the seventies and the direction of Maestro Irwin Hoffman, the orchestra reached a level unprecedented in its history.

Currently, the National Symphony Orchestra is composed of seventy-two professional musicians rehearsing daily. 87% are Costa Rican and most of them are products of the Youth Program.

The Costa Rican National Symphony Orchestra gave a remarkable live performance for the Jaco public on February 24th, 2011. The performance was part of the “concierto por la paz en Jaco” campaign promoting peace and culture in Jaco, Costa Rica. See Video

The National Symphony Orchestra performs approximately ninety concerts throughout the year, making it one of the most prolific cultural institutions of the country. The activity of the NSO is divided into several seasons:

Official Season at the National Theater
School Concerts
Cultural Activities
Programming Lyric
Holiday Season
Special Concerts

Under the direction of master Hoffman, the NSO was filed in the United States, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Panama and Taiwan. In all these countries, was acclaimed by audiences and hailed by critics.

In 1994, the first compact disc recording of music by composers OSN Costa Rica and in 1998 recorded the second CD with national and international music.

Following the departure of Hoffman and teacher after an arduous selection process, was appointed as Principal Conductor in 2004, the Japanese director Chosei Komatsu.

In September 2005, the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica made a successful tour of Japan, performing in cities: Kanazawa, Fukui, Aichi, and Kobe. Large concert halls with a total audience reached the NSO, under the leadership of Komatsu Chosei holder. Featuring works by Costa Rican composers Benjamin Gutierrez, Eddie Mora and arrangements Vinicio Meza, besides the presence of pianist Jacques Sagot and soprano soloists invited Rojas Ivette, the NSO marked a successful page in the history of music.

As well as having performances several times a week, the theatre is a tourist attraction. Performances by the National Symphonic Orchestra (NSO) take place as part of orchestra’s regular season, and include both Costa Rican and foreign composers.

The National Symphony Orchestra visualizes the future with optimism and hope that this new step will further strengthen the high level achieved so far.

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