100 Districts of 36 Cantons in Costa Rica on High Alert Due to a Drastic Increase in Cases of Cough and Fever

The yellow alert that is declared on 100 districts in 36 cantons may increase to orange alert due to an increase in consultations for coughs and fever, the Government of the Republic warned this past weekend.

These localities are distributed in six of the seven provinces, Heredia being the only one that does not present preventive alerts, according to the information provided by the Executive Power.

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Of the 36 cantons, 24 have districts that take up to three weeks of assessing going from yellow to orange. Preventive alerts are part of the studies carried out by the National Situation Analysis Room for COVID-19. This is made up of doctors, epidemiologists, geographers from the National Emergency Commission (CNE), the Ministry of Health, and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

Given the increases in consultations for cough and fever, these institutions urge the communities to intensify their efforts and abide by health measures to avoid a hardening of the alert.

In these locations, it is also recommended:

• Intensify the supervision of compliance with protocols from the municipal police, with the support of business chambers and the community.

• Expand the dissemination of the message for preventive measures, indicating to the population the risk in which they are as a community.

• Strengthen territorial care, with emphasis on districts that present increased risk.

• Close monitoring of populations at risk, which is more vulnerable in the event of a possible future outbreak.

• Take forecasts from the Municipal Emergency Committees to visualize the need for an isolation center and the possible spaces where it could be located.

This past September 6th, the country arrived at six months since the first case of the novel Coronavirus. In total, Costa Rica accumulates 46,920 confirmed contagions, of which, in 478 cases, the patient has died and in 18,211 the patient has recovered, according to the balance given by the Ministry of Health.

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