The European Parliament and President Laura Chinchilla Meet Wednesday

Costa Rica News – The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, will visit Costa Rica on Wednesday to meet with the country’s president, Laura Chinchilla, and move forward in strengthening the relationship of the EU with Latin America.

The delegation of the European Union (EU) reported in a statement that Schulz, after meetings in Costa Rica and Panama will travel to Colombia on Thursday and Friday.

In Costa Rica, Chinchilla and Schulz will meet with the president of Congress, Victor Emilio Granados, the Costa Rican president and Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar Arias, and representatives of the private sector.

Among the issues of concern to the President of the European Parliament are strengthening relations with Latin America and the momentum of the Association Agreement between the EU and Central America, which the Congress of Costa Rica has yet to ratify.

“Europe and Latin America are natural partners to meet the challenges of the 21st century. My visit is aimed at strengthening our relationships that still offer many opportunities for growth for both regions,” Schulz said in the statement.

In addition to the European Parliament, the Association Agreement was approved by the Congress of Nicaragua and Honduras, so that its provisions are already active in the 27 EU countries and the two Central.

For the agreement, including trade issues, policies and cooperation, came into force, had to be ratified by the EU and by at least two Central American countries, which has already been fulfilled.

This is Schulz’s first visit to Latin America, which will be today and tomorrow in Mexico, continue on Wednesday in San Jose and will close on Thursday and Friday in Colombia.

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