TCRN Poll Shows Costa Ricans Happy that Obama Wins

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) conducted a poll of 100 Costa Rican’s on the US Elections, which were selected randomly in San Jose over the past week. Here are the results:

Q.1 Who do you want to see win the US elections Obama or Romney?
A1. 95% said Obama

Q2. Who do you think care more for Central America, Obama, Romney, Neither, or Equal
A2. 62 % Obama, 8% Romney, 22% Neither, 8% Equal

Q3. Do you follow the US election process? Yes, No, Moderately
A3. 78% No, 14% Yes, 8% Moderately

Q4. What is the most important issue of the US campaign? US Job Creation, Foreign Policy, Social Issues
A4. 100% Jobs

Q5. Do you feel USA and Costa Rica relations are Very Good, Good, Poor, or Very Poor?
A.5 80% Very Poor, 12% Poor, 8% Good

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San José Costa Rica

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