MP Salaries Jump 28% for this Administration

Costa Rica Legislative Assembly

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly have increased their salary by 28% so far in this administration. The first payment was received by the Congress of 2,556,078 colones, in mid, 2010. With the latest increase, in November this year that figure rose to 3,262,275 colones.

Some were going to return, others to donate. The truth is that, in just over two years, each of the 57 legislators received increases of more than 130,000 colones per semester, equivalent to 5% of their salary.

The increase was divided into allowances and expenses.

In the first increase of 2011, lawmakers raised their wages 134,000 colones, reaching the sum of 2.818 million colones (making allowances and expenses of representation). By November 2011, the increase was 140,000 colones.

In May 2012, the deputies received 3,106,929 colones per annum. This amount rose to 3,262,275 colones, by increasing semiannual-was-this time of 156,000 colones.

Despite criticism bonuses increase, especially from other public and private sectors, which only increases of less than 10 000 colones per semester-hikes are. Wage Compensation law enacted in 1993 states that the congressmen are entitled to a wage increase of 5% every six months during the period within which they function.

For the average legal worker minimum wages went up January 201, an increase of 3.17 percent over the salary paid in the last half of 2011. the new base salary is 360,600 colons or about $714.77, up from 316,200 colons or about $626.76.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica

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