Decision on Genetically Modified Corn in Costa Rica Next Week

Costa Rica News – The possible arrival of genetically modified national soil last year sparked a series of demonstrations and debates. The decision is in the hands of the Commission of Biosafety and could happen next week.

President of the National Biosafety Committee reported, two of the institutions that are members of the analysis group, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), and the representative of the National Academy of Sciences, asked for a delay in December waiting on technical information.

It was announced that next week the two institutions could be deciding on the issue, as to whether or not they will allow planting Genetically Modified corn in Costa Rica or if they need to extend the decision in order for further study and request more information from the company seeking authorization.

Moreover Daniel Soto, a member of the Green Block movement, which has expressed disagreement on the issue, said this year they will start with a strong campaign against GM products.
“We remain in an attitude of complete opposition. We will develop a campaign against Genetically Modified products in the country along with all the national environmental movement, ” Soto said.

He also said that they are still waiting for the resolution of the constitutional motion filed in December that, contrary to the rules of the Commission on Biosafety, regulates the processing of permits to plant genetically modified products in the country.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Costa Rica

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