Costa Rica Celebrates 64 years Since the Abolishing its Official Army

José Figueres Ferrer

On Monday Costa Rica celebrated 64 years of the abolition of its army with commemorative activities which included the participation of governmental authorities and several civil war veterans from 1948, the country’s last armed conflict.

The activities were carried out at the National Museum, a former military barracks, attended by police, members of various branches of government and veterans with Minister of Culture.

Apart from celebratory cultural events 500 new policemen graduated and three officers were decorated.

The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, gave a speech in which she stressed the importance of the actions of the late leader and former president José Figueres Ferrer who dispensed with army on December 1, 1948.

Figueres Ferrer, died in 1990 at 84 years old, began an armed struggle against the government of Teodoro Picado after disputing the outcome of the 1948 election, sparking a civil war that lasted 44 days and caused 2,000 deaths.

“The abolition of the army marked a course for Costa Ricans moral with which we are committed, a civilian and incomparable epic that we are obliged to look after,” said Chinchilla.

The president added that “the pride of peaceful conflict resolution for Costa Ricans must become a model” and criticized the protesters and groups of deputies who have shaped up clashes with police during protests in recent months.

The president also highlighted the “heroism” in working “tirelessly” of the police to “protect our sovereignty and borders.”

The Public Police Force “has been demonstrated with civility and respect for the law and the Constitution, even in the most virulent expressions and moments that have been clear aggression,” she said.

In recent months Chinchilla has faced more protests for various reasons such as the defense of social security, to the right of students to photocopy books and demands of motorcyclists regarding the amount of insurance to be paid annually for the registration certificate.

These three protests resulted in roadblocks and clashes between police and protesters demanding that their citizens were restricting their freedom of movement.

The Costa Rica news (TCRN)
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