World’s Sports Fishing Championship in Quepos

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    Are you fond of the fishing activity? Do you usually go fishing on a regular basis? Costa Rica is a country beautifully placed between two oceans; therefore it is a paradise for fishers to enjoy catching fish from the two sides, from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is a hub of fishing business, commerce and amateur fishing, the cash cow of places like Quepos is based on the fishing market and amateur competitions that boost tourism.

    Competition worthy of remark

    Quepos is a small town located in Puntarenas and it is the place of the largest competition between amateur and professional fishers, the Offshore World Championship. This tournament has come to count on over 200 competitors coming from local provinces and other countries. The event is usually held in Puntarenas, inside Manuel Antonio National Park where visitors are allowed to see the best foreign fishers as well as very skillful local ones.

    What’s the dynamic?

    The tournament gathers around 50 fisher teams from all over who compete for no more than 4 days. The type of fish to be caught is selected weeks before the competition on the corresponding website. The common types of fish are billfishes, dorados, tunas, and Marlins. The selection permits the judges to assign points to the winners as each type of fish is categorized. All this information is available on the website.

    The fishing time was from 6 am to 3 pm so that the event can attract onlookers. The teams are often formed by two or six people, two or three professional or amateur fishermen that must catch the prey while recording. The video is the proof that permits counting the number of fish per team. Both judges and competitors are able to count the fish while viewing the videos.

    Costa Rica, the best place in the world for sport fishing

    The fishing event aims to promote Costa Rica as the best place in the world for C. According to Jeff Duchesneau, manager of the Pez Vela Marina, the competition encourages fishermen to compete applying sustainability, which in other words is practicing the sport without causing damage to the sea and the fauna living in it.


    Although the event is designed to last throughout the year, there is a registration deadline. When the registration time is over, most organizers promote the competition more vehemently to spark interest in people. Many of the onlookers are also fishers, thus the event allows them to evaluate the current competitors.

    Always Sustainable

    The activity doesn’t only aim to entertain people; the objective is to teach the world that it is possible to practice a sport without affecting the ecosystem. That is why the organizers study the situation of every fish species in places like Quepos before the competition opening to verify the ecosystem’s ‘health’. Besides that, Costa Rica can boost tourism even more by promoting sports fishing, which is commonly practiced by amateurs along the coastal area in the United States from where most visitors come.

    Number of competitors

    The number of members for each team has no limits but six members are recommended because it increases the chances to win. If a team has fewer members, the probabilities of being ruled out of the competition are obviously higher. At least one member per team should qualify to go for the final award.

    High-tech video recording synchronization

    These events also count on cutting-edge technology since the tournament officials must keep track on the performance of each competitor. The officials’ video system works in sync with the contestants’ to review each release in real time.

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