Why Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle Is so Important

Women you are not a problem to fix.

And your menstruation is definitely not a problem that needs sorting out or ignored until that time of the month when you need to deal with the blood.

When we women are experiencing discomfort in our cycles it largely has a lot to do with that we are not honoring the cyclic nature of our cycles. Tracking your cycle is incredibly empowering and more than just a bit fascinating. It is so much more than just a method of both natural birth control and pregnancy achievement.

Our bodies are always sending us messages and the work is about going within and learning how to listen and taking true heed from these messages, not numbing them. Way too often the general go-to is to take medication to cover up the symptoms instead of being supported to learn what it is that needs changing in our lives.

Women observing the ritual to wash away the sins committed during mentruation at the annual Rishi Panchami festival, Kathmandu. Nepal.

men are lunar beings whilst men are solar beings.

Currently we live in a solar cycle based society.

Where our agendas follow the sun system.

Julius Caesar reformed the Roman Calendar in 45BCE where we no longer depended on the observation of the new moon. This created a dissociation of the calendar month from the lunation, giving us our current solar calendar based on a 365-day common year divided into 12 months of irregular lengths. This number represents the time it takes Earth to revolve around the Sun.

For women this is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Our menstrual cycle follows the moon meaning our physical, emotional, and mental health largely depends on honoring this cycle.

When you track your menstrual cycle, you’re in control of your body, your schedule and your well-being.

Your cycle is a cyclic event that is not just about a few days a month when you bleed. It is not an on/off sort of condition. For a woman tracking her cycle is true empowerment in understanding her body, her emotions, her mental state, and her physical needs throughout the month.

When a woman has an understanding of her cyclic nature of her cycle she can largely be in charge of her lifestyle choices, her rest and self care, her sex life and her more ease filled days of bleeding.

Furthermore, a woman that plans her work around her cycle is able to harness her potent creative energy when it is ripe, her drive to be fully productive when it is best and to rest when needed so that she can be a fully present ad on fire when her full productive energy comes around again.

This lovers is the secret sauce to femininity.

It is high time we get out of the Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm solar cycle that works

( probably not ) so well for the masculine yet not for the feminine.

Our bodies and energetic systems are not built for it.

Our productive days, our rest days, our decision making and creating days do not follow Monday to Friday. And as we continue to try and push ourselves this way we are becoming more and more ill with the dis-ease of our bodies being over run with cortisol. Women’s health issues are only rising with many women not being able to fall pregnant when they want to, experiencing cysts and irregularities in their cycles and constant weight gain that is related to hormone imbalance ( oestrogen heavy ).

According to our current culture and advertising a woman’s body and her menstruation are problems to fix, over ride and hide so we can “get on with it”

Statements such as “ I can do anything you can do whilst on my period, but better” promotes the standard of constant hard work regardless the situation. That the patriarchal evidence of success is to be the one measured against.

Being super active during your bleed, and not taking the time to rest and go with in causes absolute havoc later on in the month. This builds up month after month bleeding ( pun intended ) into years of the collective stress effecting dangerously our hormones and psyche .

Often we are made to believe that taking down time during our bleed means we are a liability to a company or work place. Yet if the woman’s ovulation time is harnessed and she is able to use her more creative and productive time then, we always see that the month over all is so much more productive.

Tracking the woman’s cycle when in a relationship also supports the home to be more peaceful.

Knowing when is the ideal time to have those big necessary conversations, when to best leave them alone, when to bring out the kink, and when to go away with the boys is absolute gold in a rocking relationship.

Ladies… you and your menstrual cycle are not problems to fix. You are completely misunderstood and spend most of your life trying to force yourself to exist in a way that does not suit your body nor cycle. You are not mental. You are hormonal in the best way intended by nature. And your hormones have a cycle that require taking care of or they will not take care of you.

During your cycle, there are 4 physical and 4 energetic phases. Understanding these can turn your life around to one of always feeling you are blowing your life up, not getting anything done, and running on empty to having full empowered control over your ability to flow with what is naturally yours. Your true femininity, Not a problem to fix at all but one to be absolutely celebrated and harnessed.

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Always with Pleasure

Melissa Louise

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