Why Do We Use so Many Plastic Things?

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    It is usual that after some massive event, marches or parties, we realize as a graphic and palpable record that the activity was carried out, even with the possibility of roughly calculating the number of participants.

    We deduce this from the number of plastic bags that remain on the grass, in the street, even in the trees -product of the winds- as a sign that a significant number of people passed through there, some had fun, others protested. The packages of water -pure?- and confectionery scattered throughout kilometers and that obviously contrast not only with the beauty of nature, but also disfigure, giving us a sign of being careless, to say a conservative word.

    What properties do plastics have in common?

    They are substances of different structures and natures that do not have a fixed boiling point and have elastic and flexible properties over a range of temperatures that allow them to be molded and adapted to different shapes and applications. They have resistance, flexibility, ability to receive printing, transparency, impermeability, clarity, ease of recycling, possibility of reuse, but based on their resistance and impermeability, they become non-degradable.

    What is degradation?

    Degradation is the transformation of a complex substance into another with a simpler structure. The fact that plastic is not degradable prevents it from being destroyed so easily. In other words, it is not likely to be assimilated again in nature, either due to the effects of rain or heat, taking no more and no less than 500 years to degrade.

    Can you imagine one of the main roads of our country, for 500 years “adorned” with plastic bags? But to “add the drop” that will spill the glass, plastics as waste generate accumulation of water, which becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes, transmitters of diseases such as dengue, stagnation and obstruction of pipes. That is, they can cause a simple disaster.

    All this leads us to think about the damage we do when we buy any product whose container is plastic and, in the absence of a container to throw it away, it ends up attacking our planet Earth.

    Let’s take care of our environment

    We have conditions not to start from scratch. Many efforts have been made by concrete actions of State institutions and non-governmental organizations, training especially the youngest in how to make our lives more comfortable and clean. However, we find the contrast, that it is the older ones who with their bad example spoil what the school teaches.

    Nobody likes to have their house dirty, or maybe just in the outside, right? I hope that when you get home, when you move in any means of transport, you will be more careful to recycle or reuse what is disposable. Think about where it should be deposited and help us make our country a pollution-free country.

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