Weight Loss Attitude Part 5: Believe You Can, Stick To It And Get Energized Every Day

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    This is the last part of this series, and by now we are sure that you have much more clarity about the kind of person you are, how you eat, and what your goals are in regards to losing weight.


    Our last step in the process of helping you lose weight permanently is to give you 3 specific tools that will aid you to stay on track with the progress that you are making and to finally succeed in losing that extra weight:

    1. Believe you can

    This is what… your 6th, 7th, 8th try at losing weight?

    Your family is not paying too much attention anymore; they’ve seen it before, so they just keep tempting you to eat the foods you love, telling you that you look fine and don’t need to lose weight.

    Honestly… do you truly believe you can lose weight?

    There it is!  This is where the weakness lies!

    In order to do anything in life, particularly lose weight, you must believe in yourself.

    To have faith in yourself is a decision YOU make, but many of us have a hard time believing that we can lose weight, avoid the cravings and ultimately succeed.  Nevertheless, faith is the basis of your behavior and to have it is a decision you are empowered to make.

    Making the decision to believe in yourself is one of the easiest and most useful things you can do to end a life of weight issues.  Placing your mind in the right place will get you there, and be the foundation for many positive results.

    To believe in yourself you don’t have to wait until every doubt, skepticism, or unanswered question has been resolved, just trust and believe that everything will work out fine.

    2. Stick to it

    When you recognize the great value of the important decision you have made, this will help you be prepared for the inevitable difficult times ahead, when you might think that your decision was stupid, worthless, and just a big unnecessary hassle.

    Rationalizations are the biggest threat to that decision you made and to your ability to stick with it.  You must be able to recognize and steer clear of this threat in order to avoid it.

    Here are some common examples of bad rationalization many people make when they are trying to lose weight:

    –      “My weight is really not that bad.”

    –      “I’ll start tomorrow.”

    –      “Just one more time won’t hurt.”

    –      “This is the last one.”

    –      “I should not deprive myself.”

    –      “I deserve this after such a hard day.”

    –      “Okay, just one more little taste.”

    To begin with, you must put your thoughts into perspective.

    When you crave something, all that matters is the thing you crave, and it becomes the most important thing in the world; thus, to stick to your weight loss plan you must allow for slip-ups.

    You have to stop, observe, and count your blessings.  Lapses are a part of success, but most people don’t have the nerve to risk failure, so they separate themselves from the situation and don’t even try to lose weight or change their lifestyles at all.

    Everyone lapses at one point or another; the difference between people who succeed and people who don’t is that successful people do not get discouraged when they slip-up; they see their blunders as learning opportunities.

    It is very important to identify how you felt before, during, and after a breakdown.  Did the food make you feel like you wanted to feel?  What do you think made you lapse?

    You can learn many things about yourself from your lapses, and these lessons can open your eyes to new possibilities.

    3. Get energized every day

    Now that you have written down your decisions … keep them close, like on your nightstand, and as soon as you wake up every morning, grab your notebook, read your list, and then remind yourself that this is the right thing to do for your health and for your life.

    While this may not be easy if you’re not a morning person, remember, everyone should begin each day with their right foot forward if they want to be successful.

    Therefore, read the decisions you have made and believe in them.  Be aware of them, and organize your day to succeed!

    Health Choices Costa Rica offers you interesting traditional and alternative options to help you lose weight.  Check our website and contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions and to work with you to find you the best help available at very affordable prices.

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