“We Reactivate Central America”: An Initiative to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

    Project is an initiative of “Bridge for Billions” to support ventures in the region

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    The year 2020 was a year of unprecedented change. Derived from the Pandemic, millions of people and families have been affected, now more than ever, it is urgent that there be more organizations innovating and working hand in hand to transform and strengthen our societies and economies.

    In response to this global unemployment crisis and in order to encourage more than 100 entrepreneurs in the region to develop their businesses to foster the creation of new sources of employment, “Bridge for Billions”, one of the largest entrepreneurship networks of the world, offers its digital incubation program free of charge to eight major players within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latin America through the “Reactivamos Centroamérica” initiative (We Reactivate Central America).

    A collaborative initiative

    This is a collaborative initiative, where organizations that support entrepreneurship in the region such as Ashoka Centroamérica, Sic4Change, Honduras Digital Challenge, Ciudad del Saber, Voces Vitales, La Fábrica de Startups, SNBX and ESEN with support from PES LATAM and Argidius, will incubate simultaneously with these entrepreneurs, activating mentors, youth, women and leaders from different communities in order to generate new opportunities and a more just, inclusive and efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    “The economic system and the support for entrepreneurs cannot be sustained by momentary acts and initiatives, we need to join forces to rebuild our economies and generate support networks through true social commitment,” comments Andrea Carron, Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bridge for Billions Central America.

    SMEs strongly impacted

    The SMEs most affected by the Pandemic in Central America are those with the least trajectory. Those with up to 12 months of life stopped selling almost 66%, compared to just under 50% of those with at least 3 years. Bridge for Billions recognizes the talent and great ideas that exist in Central America, but also addresses the needs and great challenges to overcome.

    In order to further drive the growth of entrepreneurs in Central America, all projects that complete any Bridge for Billions incubation program before June 2021 will have the opportunity to be selected to receive a first prize in seed capital of USD 5,000 or one of five additional $ 2,000.

    This year is our year, and yours too! Bridge for Billions seeks to be a benchmark within the global entrepreneurship ecosystem derived from support, mentoring and training so that all of our ecosystems are finally more inclusive.

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