“Water Woman” Gains Momentum for Female Empowerment in Costa Rica

    The activities were resumed, after a break due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, now they will be carried out every 2 months...

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    Female empowerment is gaining momentum in the world, mainly in Costa Rica, where little by little the activities are talking about all positive. It turns out that again “Water Woman”, resumed its activities after a break due to Covid-19.

    A total of 12 girls and 12 adults said “present” in Water Woman, held this time in Herradura beach, a region located 4 kilometers north of Jacó in the province of Puntarenas. This is an activity led by the organization Jacó Impact and the doctor, as well as coach Selena Cubero. In fact, the resources obtained were a donation for Jacó Impact and the “Girls with social risk” program.

    Empowering women

    Water Woman, has been held for 10 years in Costa Rica, with the aim of empowering women, giving them skills in the water for their day to day, all very timely in decision-making. Selena Cubero told us that the intention is for Water Woman to take place every two months, “we hope that many women will be motivated, so to be able to give them tools about feminine power, through an authentic way, with water.”

    It is worth noting that the Jacó Impact Social Movement has been dedicated to the constant change in the way of thinking and acting of a large part of the people who reside in the coastal town (Jacó).

    Additionally, she is in charge of sports activities such as surfing, cleaning beaches and rivers, recycling, free English classes for children, tutoring in various subjects, collecting school supplies and, as we highlight in this article, the empowerment of women.

    Finally, we want to report that the consolidation of the term “empowerment” is promoted within the framework of the IV World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. From that moment, the empowerment of women was adopted as an explicit measure and various institutions have been introducing it into their equality policies.

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