Venezuelans in Costa Rica Protest, U.S. Surprised at Quick Proclamation of Venezuela’s Maduro

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    Singing their national and banging pots and pans, Venezuelans in Costa Rica protested the election of Nicolas Maduro as president outside the Venezuelan Embassy yesterday.

    Meanwhile the U.S. Government was surprised by the speed with which the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela proclaimed president-elect Nicolas Maduro, even though a recount was requested.

    “It is difficult to understand the CNE’s decision to declare Maduro a winner before completing the full accounting” candidate Henrique Capriles, told reporters the State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell.

    The spokesman said the United States still believes necessary “to resolve voting irregularities” and again requested a recount is made to “ensure that the Venezuelan people feel included in the process.”

    “This is a process in Venezuela. According to the Venezuelan Constitution, the CNE has this responsibility, “said Ventrell.

    Maduro won by 272,865 votes ahead Capriles in Sunday’s election, with 50.78%, 1.83 percentage points higher than Capriles, who achieved a 48.95%, and was proclaimed the winner a day later in an act in which he promised to fulfill the legacy of the late Hugo Chavez.

    The U.S. government also rejected violence following elections in Venezuela in Sunday, which has killed seven people, and that “violence has no place in the electoral process.”

    Following the announcement of the results CNE’s Vicente Diaz proposed counting 100% of the votes physical that facilitates electronic system as a backup to electronic voting to contrast the results.

    “I welcome the audit, the audit was stipulated,” he said Maduro Sunday, remembering that this is “the only place in the world” that is auditing 54% of the polls in every election.

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